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Theorist grounded in behavioral science approach communication how?
Theorist grounded in the humanities approach communication through
interperting text
Earnest Bormann said Theory encompasses all....
Careful, systematic, and self-conscious discussion and analyses of communication phenomena
The objective approach and the interpretative approach differ in..
starting point, method, and conclusion
Scholars who do objective study are ...
Scholars who do interpretive study are concerned with..
is the study of nature of knowledge
Scientist assume that truth is
Scientists have 3 topics at which they base there belief what are the 3 main points?
1. reality is accessible through our senses.
2.Collectively, scientists can understand the world.
3. Good theores are mirrors of nature, true as long as conditions reamin the same.
Interpretive scholars also seek truth but they are more tentatve about...
the possiblity of revealing objective reality
Interpretive scholars have 3 topics which they bse there belief what are the 3 main pts.
1.truth is largely subjectiveL meaning is highly interpretive
2.Multiple meaings are acceptable
3.) Successful interpretations are those that convince others.
argue that heredity and environment determine behavior
Do scientists favor determinism for free will?
Determinists stress behavior shaped by..
forces beyond our control or individual awareness
Free will
proponents maintain that human behavior is voluntary
as free choice increases...
predictability of behavior decreases
Social scientists who value objectivity say that personal values...
should not distor human reality.
Interpretive scholars who seek to expand the range of free choice bring...
values to bear upon texts.
Scientists seek ______ and humanists strive for_______
Do scientists favor quantifiable or qualitative?
wuantifiable experiments and surveys
Through experiments scientists seek to establish a...
cause and effect relationship by manipulating an independent variable in a tightly controlled situation in order to determine its effect on a dependent variable and then measure the results
Surveys relay on self-report data to ...
discover who people are and what they think, feel, and intend to do
Why do they still use survey data?
survey's are more real life but its harder to support cause and effect.
Do interpretivist prefer quantitative or qualitative?
qualitative in order to analize and ethnography
What are textual analyses used for?
To describe and interpret messages
increasingly text analyses ....
expose and publicly resist dominant social ideologies
Through ethnography,...
participant-observers experienc ea cultures web of meaning
Ernest Bormann
theorist who gave the broad defination of communication.and theory of symbolic convergence
Tony Schwartz
Good at advertising developed the resonance principle of communication
Resonance Principle of Communication
advertising most effective when striking a responsive chord in members of the audience revoking stored experiences
Stanley Deetz
Comm. scholar who believes every comm theory has two priorities 1. effectivness 2. Participation
Communication Theory
An umbrella for all careful, systematic, and self-conscious discussion and analysis of communication phenomena
Behavioral/ Social Scientists
assume truth is singular and accessible through the senses, who assumes behavior has identifiable causes, who values objectivity and universal laws
Interpretive scholars
concerned with the web of meaning that constitutes human exstece. assumes multiple meanigs are accessible and meaning is connectd to the knowers values, human behavor is voluntary
Interpretive scholarship
the work of assigning meaning or value to communicative texts
the study of the origin, nature, method, and limits of knowledge
the assumption that behavior is caused by heredity and environment
Free Will
the assumption that behavior is predominatly voluntary
a research method that manipulates an independt variabe in a tightly controlled situation in order to judge its effect on a dpendent . establish cause and effect
Independent variable
a factor that is altered during a scientfic experiment to discover its effect on dependent variables
Dependent Variable
measured outcome that presumably is influenced or changed by the independent variable
Survey Research
research method that emplys questionnaires and face to face interviews to collect self report data demonstrating what people think feel and inted to do
Textual Analysis
a research method that describes and interprets the characteristics of any text
a method of participant observation designed to help a researcher experience a clurtures complex web of meaning.