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occurrO, occurrere, occurrI, occursum + dat.
I meet
audiO, audIre, audIvI, audItum
I hear
maneO, manEre, mAnsI, mAnsum
I stay, wait, remain
administrO, administrAre, administrAvI, administrAtum
I manage, administer
faciO, facere, fEcI, factum
I do; I make
accipiO, accipere, accEpI, acceptum
I receive
valeO, valEre, valuI, valitum
I am strong, I am well
cUrO, cUrAre
I care for, look after
occupO, occupAre, occupAvI, occupAtum
I sieze, occupy
scrIbO, scrIbere, scrIpsI, scrIptum
I write, I draw
referO, referre, rettulI, relAtum
I bring back, report
adiuvO, adiuvAre, adiUvI, adiUtum
I help
addUcO, addUcere, addUxI, adductum
I lead to; I influence
afficiO, afficere, affEcI, affectum
I affect
supplicO, supplicAre + dat.
I beg, supplicate, pray to
immineO, imminEre + dat.
I hang over, threaten
dO, dare, dedI, datum
I give
redeO, redIre, rediI, reditum
I go back, return
gaudeO, gaudEre, gAvIsus sum + abl
I rejoice in
EvertO, Evertere, EvertI, Eversum
I oeverturn
committO, committere, commIsI, commissum
I make someone more certain
mittO, mittere, mIsI, missum
I send
cognOscO, cognOscere, cognOvI, cognitum
I get to know, learn
opugnO, oppugnAre
I attack