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-able, ible
adj. able to be, capable of being
intelligible, probable, inevitable
n. action or process
blockade, parade, escapade
n. action or process
marriage, pilgrimage, voyage
-al, -ial
adj. of,like ,relating to ,suitable for
potential, musical, national
n. act, process,quality, state,of being
tolerance, reliance, acceptance
-ant who
assistant, immigrant, merchant
adj. of, like, relating to
custumary, honorary, obituary
v. charicteristic of, to become
officiate, concencrate, activate
-cle, -icle
adj. small
corpuscle, cubicle, particle
n. fact or state of being
diplomacy, privacy, relevancy
n. state or quality of
boredom, freedom, martyrdom
n. act or state of being
occurance, conference
adj. doing, having, showing
fraudulent, dependent, negligent
n. one who, that which
boxer, rancher, employer
n. place for, act, practice of
surgery, robbery