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Give 6 common origins of skin tumours
Tumours from:
1. epidermis
2. melanocyte
3. cutaneous appendage
4. stroma
5. hematolymphoid infiltrate
6. cutaneous metastasis
Give 8 common tumours from epidermis
1. basal cell carcinoma
2. squamous cell carcinoma
3. keratoacanthoma
4. actinic/ solar keratosis
5. Bowen's disease
6. Extra-mammary Paget's disease
7. infundibular cyst/sebaceous cyst
8. seborrheic keratosis
Give 5 common tumours from melanocyte
1. congenital nevus
2. Acquired melanocytic nevus
3. nevus of dendritic melanocyte
4. Lentigo
5. malignant melanoma
Give 4 common appendages from which tumour will arise and list the common tumour they arise from them
1. hair follicle --- pilomatrixoma
2. sabaceous unit -- sebaceous carcinoma, steatocystoma
3. apocrine/eccrine unit -- poroma
4. harmartoma -- nevus sebaceous of Jadassohn
Give 4 common stromal tissue from which tumour may arise and list the common tumour arise from them
1. fibrous tissue - keloid, dermatofibroma, DFSP
2. adipose tissue - lipoma
3. nerve - neurofibroma, Schwannoma, traumatic neuroma
4. vessel - nevus flammeus, pyogenic granuloma, angiosarcoma, Kaposi's sarcoma
What is DFSP?
Dermato fibro sarcoma protuberans - (usually not metastize)
Give 4 common skin tumours orginating from hematolymphoid infiltrate
1. Langerhan cell histiocytosis
2. Mast cell disease
3. Mycoses fungoides
4. Leukemia
What is the most common primary site of cutaneous metastases? followed by?
Most common : breast
Followed by : nasopharynx
What is the most common skin cancer? Followed by ?
The most common: Basal cell carcinoma
Followed by : squamous cell carcinoma
What are the common features of the most common and 2nd common skin cancer?
1. sun-exposed
2. fair skinned
3. elderly
4. by photocarcinogenesis
Between the most common and 2nd common skin cancer, which has genetic factor?
The most common one ( basal cell carcinoma)
What is the characteristics of the most common skin cancer/ basal cell carcinoma
1. variable clinical presentation
2. many histological types
3. rarely metastasize
4. tumour in head & neck
5. multiple in basl cell nevus syndrome
What are the variable clinical presentation of the commost common cancer/ basal cell carcinoma.
1. papulonodular with translucent edge
2. rodent ulcer
3. pale plaque with variable induration
4. cystic nodule with telangiectasia
What patient will have a higher incidence of the 2nd most common skin cancner/ squamous cell carcinoma?
Organ transplant recipients
What is Marjolin's ulcer ?
Cancer from chronic injured or irritated sites
What is the cacner called if it arises from chronic injured or irritated site?
Marjolin's ulcer
What is the significance of keratoacanthoma?
Variant of the 2nd common skin tumour /

Variant of the squamous cell carcinoma
What is the clinical presentation and patient at risk of keratoacanthoma? Where is the site of lesion?
Clinical presentation:
1. solitary pink with central crater
2. rapid growth with local destruction
3. in elderly

Most lesion on face in temperate zone, lesion shifts to limbs in subtropical zone
What is the significance of Bowen's disease?
2nd common tumour in situ/

squamous carcinoma - in - situ
Clinical presentation of Bowen's disease and patients at risk
1. asymptomatic , well-defined, erythematous

2. like squamous cell carcinoma: sun exposed, fairy skin, elderly
What is the significance of actinic kerotosis?
Some may graudlly become squamous cell carcinoma
What is the other name of actinic keratosis? What does it imply?
Solar keratosis

This tumour arise on sun exposed skin ( in old people as well).
What is the clinical presentation of actinic keratosis?
scaly, sometimes as cutaneous horns
What is the significance of Extramammary Paget's disease?
What is the clinical presentation of extramammary Paget's disease?
1. Erythematous eczematoid
2. slow growing plaque
3. anogenital region
What does extrammary Paget's disease associate with?
1. cutaneous adnexal carcinomas
2. internal maglinancy
What is the clinical name of infundibular cyst?
Sebaceous cyst
What is the other name of sebaceous cyst?
infundibular cyst
What is the clinical presentation of infundibular cyst/ sebaceous cyst?
JUST .... central punctum
What is the complication of infundibular cyst/ sebaceous cyst?
Rupture with abscess formation
What does multiple infundibular cyst / sebaceous cyst associate with?
Gardner's syndrome
What does Gardner's syndrome associate with?
Multiple infundibular cyst
What is the clinical presentation of seborrheic keratosis?
Multiple , brown-black in middle-aged
Which 2 types do lentigo have?

Hints: Lentigo - we use a len-maded telescope to look into the solar planets
1. Lentigo simplex
2. Solar lentigo
What are the characteristic of lentigo simplex and solar lentigo?
Lentigo simplex: sharply defined, uniformly pigmented macule

Solar lentigo: sun-exposed area, middle-age to old age, increase with age, may develop into seborrheic keratosis
How is the acquired melanocytic nevus evolve?
1. Progressive maturation with lesser pigments
2. junctional nevus -> compound nevus -> intradermal nevus
What is the clinical presentation of congenital nevus?
Solitary on trunk of newborns
How is giant congenital nevus defined?
Congenital nevus > 20 cm
Ris of melanoma of congenital nevus???????????/
??????????????Preserved page
What are the 2 types of nevus dendritic melanocytes contain? And what's the colour?
Nevus of dentritic melanocytes contain
1. Mongolian spot
2. Blue nevus

They are blue-brown colour.
What kind of tumour do Mongolian spot belong to?
Tumour arising from melanocyte, more specificly is a kind of nevus of dentritic melanocyte.
What kind of tumour do Blue nevus belong to?
Melanocyte tumour, more specificlyis a kind of nevus of dendritic melanocyte
What is the clinical presentation of pilomatrixoma?
Benign, solitary, whitish on head&neck&upper limbs of patient within the first 2 decades
Is steatocystoma single or multiple?
Solitary or multiple
What is the subgroups of sebaceous carcinoma and what is the significance of this grouping?
1) ocular adnexae: lymph node metastases
2) extraocular : uncommon
What is the clinical presentation of poroma?
benign, eccrine or apocrine

Eccrine poroma: red, exophytic nodule on palm or planatar skin
What actually is nevus sebaceous of Jadassohn?
What is the clinical presentation of nevus sebaceous of Jadassohn?
Yellow, hairless plaques nearly all on scalp, forehead or face at birth or early childhood