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Normal serum Mg+
1.5 - 2.5
Normal serum PO4-
2.8 - 4.5
Normal serum K+
3.5 - 5.3
Normal serum Ca+
8.5 - 10.5
Normal serum Na+
135 - 145
poor skin turgur, rapid-weak-thready pulse, hypotension, indifference, extreme restlessness
Fluid volume deficit
pitting edema, bounding pulse, hypertension, SOB, confusion & irritability
Fluid volume excess
Cold-clammy skin, rapid-weak-thready pulse, hypotension, indifference
Na+ deficit
flushd-dry skin
Na+ excess
Cold-clammy skin, rapid-weak-thready pulse, hypotension, moist crackles, apprehension
shift of plasma to interstitual fluid
bounding pulse, hypertension, moist crackles
shift of interstitual fluid to plasma
Cramping of exercised muscle, Carpal spasm (Trousseau's sign), Pos. Chvostek's sign
Ca+ deficit
Confusion & irritability
Ca+ excess
Cramping of exercised muscle, Carpal spasm (Trousseau's sign), Pos. Chvostek's sign, picking at bedclothes
Mg+ deficit
Confusion & irritability
Mg+ excess
flabby muscles, picking at bedclothes, confusion & irritability, U wave may be seen
K+ deficit
extreme restlessness
K+ excess
weak-irregular-rapid pulse
severe K+ deficit
weak-irregular-slow pulse
severe K+ excess
confusion and decreased LOC
H2O excess
Cramping of exercised muscles, Carpal spasm (Trousseau's sign), positive Chvostek's sign
deep, rapid breathing
compensation for metabolic acidosis
shallow, slow, irregular breathing
compensation for metabolic alkalosis