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The Straw Man Argument
Build a false argument
Ad Hominem
An attack against the arguer rather than the claim
Appeal to Authority
Claim that someone else making the claim establishes its validity
Special Pleading
The justification is that the claim is on a higher level than your opponent can comprehend.
Anecdotal Evidence
How does the anecdotal translate into factual? Good for suggesting direction of research and bad for providing actual evidence.
Observational Selection
Keeping the data that agrees with your premise and disregard other info
Appeal to Ignorance
Considering ignorance to be evidence of disbelief.This means anything that is insufficiently explained or understood is impossible.
Non Sequitur
It does not follow
Post Hoc (Ergo Proper Hoc)
We drove by the rock, we talked, then the tire was flat.
Confusion of Correlation and Causation
Rice consumption + Black Hair does not mean eat rice causes black hair
Slippery Slope
Legalizing marijuana will lead to the legalization of heroin.
Excluded Middle
Reducto Ad Absurdum
There are only two options presented, both of which are extreme.
Statistics of Small Numbers
Drawing conclusions from data sets that are too small and do not give adequate representation of the population.
Weasel Words
Intelligent Design
Fallacy of the Consequent
Drawing an invalid subset relationships in the wrong direction is called the fallacy of the consequent.
Load Question
Fallacy of Multiple Questions, Plurium interrogationum
Red Herring
Inserted into an argument to distract away from the main point.
Proof by Verbosity
The practice of burying you in so much information and misinformation it is called proof by verbosity
Poisoning the Well
When you preface your comments by casually slipping in a derogatory adjective about your opponent or his position.