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What are 3 Functions of Support Material?
1. makes it interesting
2.makes it memorable
3.proves your point
What are the 2 types of Definition and explain each?
1. traditional - dictionary meaning
2. operational - working definition
What are 3 types of Support Material?
1. definitions
2. analogies
3. anecdotes
What are 2 places to go to get information?
1. library
2. internet
What is Critical Thinking?
reasonable reflective thinking that is aimed on what to do
What are 3 components/concepts of critical thinking?
1. critical thinker is open minded
2.critical thinker is skeptical
3.critical thinker respects other viewpoints
What are observations and inferences?
observations - description based on info.presented by our senses
inferences - a conclusion based on the info. presented by our senses
What are the 2 parts to an arguement?
What are deductive and inductive reasoning?
deductive - argue from general to a specific point
inductive - argue from specific to general point
What is the main form of deductive reasoning?
What are the 3 parts of syllogism?
1.major premise
2.minor premise
3. conclusion
What is the major form of inductive reasoning?
What are 3 things tham make a generalization sound?
1.supported by evidence which can be documented
2. it's sufficient
3. it's representative
What is a fallacy?
illogical thinking
What are 3 problems with argument by authority? source bias
2. who pays the bills speaking out of field?
What is circular reasoning?
speaker makes an assertion, adds b/c, and then restates the assertion
What is invitational speaking?
speaker enters into a dialogue with the aud. in order to clarify positions, explore issues and ideas
What is the structure of an Invitational Speech?
1. constructive part
2. question session
3. 1 minute summary
What is "salting the audience"
giving the audience members questions you know to get them on your side
What 3 things do you create an Invitational Speech Environment with?
1. equality
3. self determination
What are the 2 types of invitational speeches?
1. articulate a position
2. explore an issue
What are the 3 ways to organize an Invitational Speech?
1. chronological
3. multiple perspectives
Persuasive Speaking?
persuasion, aims to get audience involved
What are 4 basic principles of Persuasive Speaking?
more likely to persuade audience when..
1. your proposition is clear
2.logical reasons and evidence
3.language motiveates them is convincing
What is Persuasion?
a process of motivating someone through communicaion to change a particulat belief, attitude, or behavior
Explain the 4 things and audience can do with a persuasive speech?
What are 2 characteristics of Persausion?
1. is ethical
2. is interactive
What are the 3 Types of persuasion?
1. questions of fact
2. questions of value
3. questions of policy
What are 4 examples of Persuasive Appeal?
1. fear
2. emotional
4. motivational
What are 2 ways to organize a persuasive speech?
1. problem/solution
2.monroe's motivative sequence
What are 4 ways to be an effective persuasive speaker?
1. set clear purpose
2. do audience analysis
3. use solid evidence
4. use solid reasoning
What are 3 parts of the audience analysis?
1. reinforcement
3. repitition