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What is nonverbal comunication?
All aspects of communication other than spoken words. In addition to gestures and body language it incl how we utter words, features of the environment, and objects that affect personal image and interaction patterns
Nonverbal commu ication account for what percentage of total meaning of communication?
65% to 93%, suggest that nonverbal makeup more of our overall communication
What are the 5 principles of nonverbal communication?

1 Ambiguous
Ambiguous - We can never be completely sure that others understand the meaning we intend to express nor we cant know whether they read meaning into our behavior that we do not intend. Also varies over time.
What are the 5 principles of nonverbal communication?

2 - Nonverbal behavior interact with verbal communication in 5 ways:
a - nonverbal may repeat verbal messages

IE nodding head while saying yes.

b - nonvbal may highlight verbal communication

IE When we use inflections for emphasis

c - nonverbal may complement or add to

IE When you see a freind and smile while saying I'm glad to see you

IE When you use an emoticon in an email

d - behaviors may contradict verbal messages

IE saying 'nothings wrong" in a hostile tone
e - Substitute nonverbal for verbal

IE Rolling you eyes as a sign of disapproval
What are the 5 principles of nonverbal communication?

3 - Nonverbal Regulates interaction
nonverbal communication organizes interaction btwn people. Nonverbal cues more than verbal tell us when to speak and keep silent

IE signaling we dont wish to speak by averting our eyes fr speaker

IE When we are finished talking we look at others as if to say "OK now someone else can speak."
What are the 5 principles of nonverbal communication?

4 - nonverbal communication establishes relationship level meanings
Nonverbal communication is powerful is establishing relationship level of meaning.

a Responsiveness - Signal interst by holding eye contact, inflection, facial express.

IE happy couples sit close to one another

b Liking - nonverbal cues are keen indicators of wether we feel pos or neg about one another

IE smile and freindly touch signs of pos feelings

c Power - We use nonverbal cues to assert dominance and negociate status. We use space (boss has lg office) and silence (silence is powerful in conveying disapproval) to assert this
What are the 5 principles of nonverbal communication?

5 - Nonverbal communication reflect cultural values
Nonverbal patterns reflect rules of specific culture. THis is instinctual but learned as part of socialization. Dress, closeness, time, touching, and eye contact

IE dress varies accross cx; miniskirts
What are nine types on nonverbal behavior?

1 - Kinesics
kinesics is a technical term referring to body positioning and body motions, incl those of the face.

IE body posture - speaker who stand errect announces confidence while speaker who slouches says "I'm unsure of myself"

IE facial expressions - Capable of 1000 distinct expressions resulting fr various tilt of head, and mvmt of eyebrow, eyes, and mouth. These can comm skeptisism to love

IE how we position ourselves in relation to others. Freinds sit together while competitors keep a distance
What are nine types on nonverbal behavior?

2 - Haptics
nonverbal communication inv physical touch. Disturbed families push children away, while thriving babies are massaged.

touching also communicates power. Those w higher status touch others and invade others space.
What are nine types on nonverbal behavior?

3 - Physical appearance
Physical appearance can affect personal relationships, hiring decisions, placement, and promotion.

Cx standards re physical attractiveness are modified by cethnicity and socioeconomic class.
What are nine types on nonverbal behavior?

4 Artifacts
Artifacts are personal objects we use to announce our identities and to persolalize our environment to our cultural/ethnic identity or announce professional identity or personal territory

IE clothing, makeup, jewelery, indian sari's, African American design, using flag or business logo on clothing
What are nine types on nonverbal behavior?

5 - proxemics and personal space
Refer to space and how we use it. Space announces status, closeness, desire, or lack of desire.

IE IN US we interact w social acquaintances fr 4-12" but w close friends or romantic partner only 18"
What are nine types on nonverbal behavior?

6 - Environmental Factors
Elements of setting that effect how we feel, think, and act.

IE How restaurants convey wanting public to eat and run vs stay and linger. W music (fast vs slow), lighting (bright vs low), table distance
What are nine types on nonverbal behavior?

7 - Chronemics
Chronemics refers to how we use time to define identities and interactions. Expresses cx attitude re time (latin american disregard for time), our interest in speaker (how much time we devote to them), social expectations of time (student s gather belongings shortly before class ends).
What are nine types on nonverbal behavior?

8 - paralanguage
Communication that is vocal but not avtual words such as murmurs, gasps, inflection.

IE Whispering signals confidentiality

IE Can express confidence, solemnity, greif
What are nine types on nonverbal behavior?

9 - Silence
Lack of communication

IE "I'm not speaking to you"

IE discipline by ignoring or silencing
What are 2 guidelines for effective nonverbal communication?

1 - Monitor your nonverbal communication
Monitor you own nonverbal communication so that is not misconstrued and you are projecting the image you desire
What are 2 guidelines for effective nonverbal communication?

2 - Interpret others nonverbal communication tentatively
Dont impose our rules on others. Realize that there are personal qualifiers (nonverbal varies among cx, physical) and contextual qualifiers (home team advantage).