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the mental process through which we come to understand the world around us
selective attention
describes the reason why we choose certain stimuli over others
selective exposure
refers to the tendency for people to expose themselves to those things that support their current belief systems and avoid stimuli that challenge or contradict them
mental blueprints that help indicuduals sturcture their thought processes and organize and interpret the things around them
a type of schema that guide behavior
represent the ideal form of something
generaliztions that we assume are true for all things belonging to a certain general category
we fill in the gaps with stimuli in order to make sense of them
standpoint theory
a body of theories grounded in the field of sociology and recently adopted by a growing number of communication scholars
perceptual constancy
refers to the tendency that percepions remain consistent over time
the belief that your cultural group is superior to all other groups
perceptual accentuation
the tendency to see what you expect or want to see
self-fulfilling prophecy
happens when people make a prediction that ulitimately becomes true, in part, because they behaveas if it is true
selective distortion
a process whereby we alter our perceptions of stimuli so that our existing ideas remain intact
self-attribution bias
the bad things are caused by some external factor that was out of our control