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what is plot
the main event of the story
what is essay
brief, non fiction composition on single subjuct
what is topic/thesis
the main topic of the writeing. (what the writng is going to be all about)
what is novel
extended work of fiction
what is tone
attitude the writer takes toward a subject
what is short story
work of fiction read in one sitting
what is theme
the author's main point of the story
what is figurative language
language that is not literal
what is personification
figure of speech, human qualities are given to an object, animal, or idea
what is imagery
words that appeal to your scences
what is dialect
a variety of language spoken in a difine place y a distant group of ppl.
what is drama
developes plot/characters thru action/dialect
what is act/scene
act- major unit of action in a play
scene- limited to single time/place
what is inference
what you "think" but do not know. like a prediction
what is pun
a play on words