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what are examples of verbal indicators of powerless speech?
disclaimers, tag questions, hesitations, hedges
question of value
is asking whether or not something is good or bad
program evaluation review technique: decision making method that stipulates systematically how to implement small group decisions
how can a group achieve consensus decision?
follow standard agenda, establish a cooperative group climate, discuss concerns of group memebers, request a stand aside
compromise style of conflict management
shows a moderate concern for both task accomplishment and social relationships in groups
accomodating style of conflict management
shows a low concern for task accomplishment but a high concern for social relationships in groups
tit for tat
conflict spirals: is negotiating strategy that produces an escalating cycle of negative communication and destructive
principled negotiation
separates the people from the problem
how do competent communicators use punishment?
as a last result
purposeful procrastination
promising to do something you have no intention of doing anytime soon, resistance strategy
determining credibility
determining whether or not your source is biased
dtermining whether or not your information actually supports your claims
dtermining whether or not the source of information comes from an adequate sample size
a stand aside
when a group member continues to have reservations about the group decision but when confronted does not wish to block the group choice
Why is majority rule not always the best decision making model?
less error correction takes place, overall group satisfaction is lower, minorities dont participate as much, deliberations are shorter and less conscientous
What does unamity rule produce?
quality decisions, commitment to decision, satisfaction among group members, tension in the group
expanding the pie
increasing the resources available to use as a solution to a problem
offering a new option to devised to satisfy all parties on important issues
enhancing the capabilities and influence of individuals and groups
power from the influential efforts of others
Perhaps the best way to proceed is...and im a lil concerned this might cause problems
this is probably not very important because i havent given it much thought
being descriptive in expressing how you feel and being specific about what consequences you want as an outcome
communication always manages conflict constructively and never destructively
some individuals possess legitimate authority because they were born that way
the principal purpose of chapter 10 is to show how to resolve group conflict
space is the prerogative of the powerful
discussions that follow some systematic procedure tend to be more productive and result in better decisions than unstructured
resistance is a convert form of communicating noncompliance and is often duplicitous and manipulative
power is unavoidable when we communicate in groups
power is not group centered it is invested in the individual group member
brainstorming requires constant evaluation of suggestionss
money is an extrinsic reward
praise is an intrinsic reward
recognizing the interconnectedness of task and relationship dimensions of groups can be critical when conflict arises
types of power
dominqnce, prevention, empowerment
three forms of power
prevention (power to), dominance(power over), empowerment(power from)
definition of conflict
an expressed struggle btw two interconnected parties who dont agree on an issue
two ways a group can increase constructive participation
encourage devils advocate, make a cooperative group climate, make issues relevant to low participators
6 steps of standard agenda
problem ID, problem analysis, solution criteria, solution suggestion, solution evaluation, solution implementation
how should a group overcome resistance to change when implementing a solution?
change can be modified, members help in decision making, need for change affects individuals
three rules for brain storming
dont evaluate ideas while brain storming, encourage wild ideas, stay focused on the topic, encourage participation from everyone
how does the competent communicator capitalize on the power potential of expertise?
dont assume superiority, be certain of your facts before stating them
how does the competent communicator capitalize on legitimate authority as a power source?
act ethically, become an authority figure, encourage participation for decision making
effect of imbalance in power
agression (violence) and contempt(insults)
beliefs vs. values
beliefs- what someone thinks is probable or true
values-deeply felt views what is ethically right
a competent communicator can capitalize on info as a power source whenit is?
accurate, scarce but useful
strategic stupidity
sudden attack of the clumsies resistance strategy
how do competent communicators use punishment and rewards?
making punishments appropriate to the act, being generous with praise