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agenda setting
a theory of media effects
elements prominent in media's picture becomes prominent in the aduiences picture
the medias agenda sets public agenda
the core theoretical assumption is that the degree 0f emphasis palced on issues in the mass media influences the priority accorded these issues in the public.
demonstrates points of entry informed by theory. brings more theoretical work into how we process info. It pusehs us to ask whats the nature of the factors affecting the frame. Who is benefiting? Who are the social actors? What is the context in which this frame emerges?
Baumgartner & Jones
hypothesized that major shifts in public opinion and public policy are preceded by significant shifts in the salient aspects of public issues.
Gerbners questions we should ask of the text?
Gerbner points to four categories which are pertinent in assessing the content of a frame..
i. Existence (Absence or Presence)
ii. Priority/Importance
iii. Evaluative Assessments
iv. Relationships between identified elements
How is framing a process?
Scheufle helps us understand that framing is a process with inputs and outpits
- a causal process
Descriptive frame study
Descriptive Frame Study may/ may not have research questions. Explains/ illuminates the situation. identifies and describe the different frames which occur. An example of this kind of study is Kalwinsky’s “Physician Assisted Suicide” Study,
it is a textual analysis which explores how the ongoing PAS debate is being structured in the public. A descriptive study typically presents articles they feel demonstrate that particular frame.
Analytical frame study
Analytical Frame Study often has research questions that are explored
without prior konwledge of how variables are related.
Answers research questions and tests a hypothesis. It investigates the relationship between two variables. An example of this kind of study are many of the studies found in the Frames of Protest tezt, such as the womans suffrage study by McMammon
Frame resonance
as cited in Noakes and JOhnston frame resonance describes the relationship between
-a collective action frame,
-the aggrieved community that is the target of the mobilizing efforts and
- the broader culture

A frame is resonant if potential constituents find its interpreation and expression of grievances compelling.

more likely to do so if they find the cultural symbols.. a toolkit of sorts relevant
Noakes and Johston and framing analysis question
Noakes & Johnston
• For N and J the purpose of the frame is to mobilize people to act
• Strategic action in a social movements discourse
• Successful frames must not only analyze events and identify who is responsible but also ring true with an audience-resonate
• In terms of social movements N J
• Social movement entrepreneurs->
• Materials which they draw upon to create the frame
• The construction of most collective action frames requires the conscious action of social movement entrepreneurs interested in mobilizing people to engage in collective action.
a. These entrepreneurs engage in the articulation and amplification of particular frames
b. Articulation involves pulling from the “cultural tool kit” of symbols available
c. Amplification means organizing those symbols in a particular way… ex. The bumper sticker.
• Frame Resonance
a. Is a crucial part of N and J as well. For them frame resonance is relationship between
Pan and Kosiki and framing analysis question
Pan and Kosiki
b. Argue that framing is an essential part of public discourse
c. Characterize framing as strategic actions in public deliberations can be explained in terms of discusrcive communities
( created by social groups frames of an issue and web of subsidies
d. P and K conceptualize a relationship between a media frame and an audience frame
e. Frames potency stems from
• Access to and control of material resources
• Strategic alliances
• Frame sponsorship
• NOTE: in N & J.. a frames potency stems from its ability to resonate with its potential constituents.
According to the Hewitt McMammon Women's Suffrage article what are the three elements of the frames with the greatest mobilizing capacity?
1) Those which maintain a balance between resonance with and oppositiojn to existing cultural values
2)Respond effectively to frames of the counter movement
3) Address a broad range of related problems
Effective frame question: related to womens suffrage: what 3 qualities of frames determines whether or not the frame will be effective?
extent to which the frame 1) provides a balanced message (NOTE this is an issue with the Hollywood, HUAC frame) 2) Neutralizes frames of opponents 3) encompasses a broad array of issues increaes their capacity for organizing support.
collective action frame
p89 FOP
interpretive schema developed by movement entrepreneures to encourage and facilitate social movement activity by reframing a problem in such a way as to highlight or reveal the injustice intherent in the status quo