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1. Deetz’s communication model emphasizes
B. language’s role in shaping social reality
2. Deetz’s critical communication theory
D. seeks to balance corporate and human interests
3. Above all else, managerialism prizes
A. control
4. Which of the following is not one of the four different ways corporate decisions can be made?
C. critique
5. Through the process of consent, employees of a corporation
D. accomplish the interests of management in the faulty attempt to fulfill their own interests
6. Deetz is convinced that meaningful democratic participation in corporate decision making
B. benefits both the employees and the corporation
7. To enhance stakeholder participation, Deetz recommends that
A. quality information must be widely distributed
8. Corporate decision processes that invite open dialogue among all stakeholders are called
D. codetermination.
9. The process through which a corporation suppresses potential conflict is called
C. discursive closure
10. Deetz’s approach to corporate decision making is inherently attractive, yet
D. all of the above