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Blass - Eating while watching TV/listening to music
- mixed design
- between subjects: people either at pizza both times or at M&C both times
- within subjects: people both watched tv and listened to music
Chernin - candy marketing to kids
- between subjects: 2x2x2 - ad, grade, media literacy
Taylor - Pinky Dinky Doo
- between subjects - no TV, Zoboomatoo (not educational) or PDD
Random assignment is important because...
then we can attribute differences in the groups to the treatment
Control group is important because
all things being equal, the difference in the two groups is attributed to the treatment
Between Subjects Design
- each person only experiences one level of the IV
- compare groups of people
- good: random assignment, lots of validity
- bad: need more people, can't discern group differences
Within Subjects Design
- compare people to themselves - they act as their own control - more than one level of IV
- good: efficient and it's ok if group is diverse
- bad: order effects, learning, fatigue, attitude change
Interaction Effects are
- when one of the IVs changes how great the effect of other IVs are
- example: gender changes how great of an effect viewing skinny models has on body dissatisfaction
Factorial Design allows...
- you to have multiple levels of multiple IVs