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Communication transaction that emphasizes questions and answers
Interview that provides information to another person
Information-giving Interview
The interviewer asks questions to learn about the interviewee
Information-getting Interview
Designed to influence attitudes or actions
Persuasive Interview
When people ned to solve some problems
Problem-solving interview
Focus on a problem
Counseling Interview
Allow employers and job cadidates to assess each other and decide whether there is a good fit.
Employment Interview
Allow people to register complaints about a product, service or person.
Complaint Interview
Performance appraisals
Performance Review
Conducted when a person's work is unsatisfactory or the person is creating tension with other workers
Reprimand Interview
Designed to create anxiety in respondents or interviewees and apply pressure
Stress Interview
Goal is to gain information, insights, and perceptions about a place of work or education from a person who is leaving.
Exit Interview
Occurs in the substantive stage (second) stage of the interview and moves from broad to narrow topics.
Funnel Sequence
The interviewer consistently relfects the interviewee's comments.
Mirror Interview
Power is equally divided between participants.
Distributive Interview
The interviewer exercises primary control over the interaction.
Authoritarian Interview