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Process of managing messages and media for the purpose of creating meaning
word, sound, action, or gesture that refers to something else
thing to which the symbol refers to
sounds, actions, or gestures that people agree have a common meaning
Nonverbal symbol
verbal symbol system that allows us to take messages in the form of words and translate into meaning
communication through voice, gesture, and body
Natural Media
any means through which symbols are transmitted and meanings are represented
writing, email, internet, phones, fax
Technological Media
interpretation people assign to a message – how it is recognized or understood
typically refers to the handling or supervising of people or some process or material
Model of Communication that includes "source to channel to receiver"
Information Transfer Model
Model of Communication that includes "source to channel to receiver, then receiver to channel to source"
Interactive Model
Model of Communication that includes "simultaneously sending messages to each other"
Transactional Model
the extent to which speakers achieve desired outcomes through communication acceptable to a situation
Communication Competence
Highly Effective But Inappropriate
Maximizing Communication
Highly effective and Appropriate
Optimizing Comunication
Ineffective and Inappropriate
Minimizing Communication
Appropraite but ineffective
Sufficing Communication
repeatable, goal-directed behaviors
in communication, guides us about what to say and do and tells us the procedures by which we can do it
frame provides boundaries we perceive that help us know what communication is and what it is supposed to be