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What is the most common reason for hospital visits?
Patient who has just had hip surgery complains of pain what is best answer?
Administer ordered medications
Patient who has had stroke grimaces during turning, what is best answer?
Medicate 30 minutes prior to turning
What is best nursing intervention when administering ASA?
Provide crackers with medication
When you give morphine to an 80 year old patient with incisional pain, what is best answer?
Check respiration in 30 minutes
When administering Demerol 75 mg to an elderly client with arthritis, what is best answer?
Take BP in 30 minutes
What negative reaction to Tylenol OD is most severe?
What is the best assessment question for chronic pain?
Can you describe daily activities in relation to pain?
Hospice patient with chronic pain on morphine complains of pain, resp 12. What is best answer?
Increase morphine until pain is relieved
What narcotic antagonist for morphine?
When dealing with chronic pain, what should nurse consider with interventions
pain complex and personal
What is the nurses main responsibility managing pain?
Carefully assess before medicating
What is the most appropriate action to take assessing reaction to pain?
Offer pain scale to objectively identify pain
Best recommendation for pain control post appendectomy?
She said PCA pain management, but nonopiod is also correct when taking into account demerol
What is the best method to assess efficacy of post op PCA?
Compare assessed pain with baseline pain