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I hate that my hands and feet are always cold
I hate that Im not as close with my Puerto Rican side of my family than with my Greek side
I hate raisens in my food because they're sweet and dinner shouldnt be sweet
i hate pompous toddlers who use fancy words like 'discuss'
i hate people who talk loud on their cell phones in public
i hate all the pollution in the air making the sky gray and colorless
i hate when people take up two seats on trains, one for their bag and one for themself
i hate how dogs just use poeple. all they want is food and a patting
i hate tow truck drivers down the street like its the indy 500
i hate liberals with all theose stickers on their car and hog up two lanes on the road
i hate that my dog is so depressed all tht time
i worry about not getting consistent 8 hours of sleep every night
i worry about my sister in law chewing me out the rest of my life
i worry about growing more chest hair than i already have especially on my back
i worry about not seeing my older brother and family as much as i used to
i worry about getting eaten alive by large fish on my honeymoon
i worry about losing my wife in a kidnapping
i worry about swearing too much and never being able to stop
i worry about not making a single friend in boston after living her 10 years
i worry about losing my patience with kids that i accidentally strike one in anger
i worry about lsing my memory and forgetting my wifes name
im frightened about having sex with one woman the rest of my life
im frightened about my brother getting hurt while on tour with his band powerglove
im frightened about slimy tape worms burrowing through my feet; love gummy worms though
im frightened about floating upward and being unable to come back down.
im frightened about sitting in the same casket for all of eternity.
im frightened about enemy soldiers taking me hostage and sending me to a concentration camp
im frightened about going to sleep right before a scary movie
im frightened about not being able to overcome my pron addiction, that ive had since 15
im frightened about getting held hostage by 'said' from the show LOST