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When is a full test flight required?
(a) After extended aircraft storage.
(b) After completion of major structural rework, including PDM.
(c) As indicated by maintenance procedure cards or technical manuals.
(d) Prior to delivery of aircraft to a PDM facility (see the Aeronautical Engineering Maintenance Management Process Guide, CGTO PG-85–00–110, Chapter 5)
pg 1-7
What is Not mission capable (NMCS)
A target of 5% is the planning goal for not (NMCS) rates ( is equates to a parts available rate of 95%)
PG 1-3
How often is a Gas Free Engineer’s logbook audited?
3 years

pg 1-10
What manual do you consult to determine you unit’s maintenance level?
COMDINST M13020.1F pg 3.2
A unit assigned “C” level maintenance can do what?
Accomplish “C” and “D” maintenance.

pg 3.2
What do you enter on a Weight and Balance form after adding four pounds of avionics equipment?

Encl 2,pg 5
What ensures a through inspection of components and system on a scheduled basis?
Maintenance Due List (MDL)

pg 5.1
Who at the direction of ARSC conducts trial installation of prototype equipment?
Prime unit

pg 1.5
No in-flight testing will be conducted without the approval of (modifications, changes)?
Commandant (G-OCA)

pg 1.5,
What type of instruction provides for a permanent maintenance action?

pg 1-8
Where do you log cannibalization at?
On the 5181 carry forward discrepancies form, unless A/C in is temp storage (14 days or longer) or ACMS has been suspended, then goes on CG-4377B, NO FLY

pg 1-4
What manual do you consult to determine you unit’s maintenance level?

pg 3.2
A aircraft has had maintance and is waiting for a test flight. What NMC is this ?
“ NMCM” Not mission capable maintance.

pg 1-3
Where is a complete test flight record?
Flight Safety Maintenance Document (CG-4377A), CG-4377 Part III,and/or CG-4377B entry.

pg 1-8
How many types of materials are there?

pg 4-1