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what does the acronym CIWS stand for?
close-in weapon system
what is the rate of fire for CIWS?
4500 RPM
what constitutes a 'hot gun' for CIWS?
300 round in under 5 minutes.
what are the modes of operation for CIWS?
battery off, standby, air ready, AAW auto, AAW manual
what is the significance of moding to "standby" mode on CIWS?
takes 5 minutes to warm up the equipment.
what size and type of ammunition is fired from CIWS?
20mm depleted uranium and tungsten
what is the max effective range of CIWS?
2000 yds
at what distance will CIWS start tracking an incoming target?
5000 yds
what is the purpose of the firing cutout switches installed in CIWS?
to ensure that CIWS does not fire into the ship.
how many rounds of ammunition can CIWS hold?
1550 rounds, loaded to 1500
does CIWS have IFF?
where can CIWS be controlled from?
locally with LCPs and remotely from the RCP in CIC.
what radars do we have onboard?
SPS-67, SPS-64, SPS-40, MK-23, furuno
what is SPS-40 used for?
air search radar
what is MK-23 used for?
fire control radar
what is SPS-67 used for?
surface search and navigation
what is SPS-64 used for?
navigation and surface search
what is furuno used for?
navigation and surface search
is link-11 updated in real time?
is GCCS-M updated in real time?
what antenna is on top of the mast?
what is the range of TACAN?
what is the max power out of TACAN?
how many aircraft can TACAN control?
what is EMCON condition O (oscar)?
systems power secured for those systems without rcv only capability.
how do we rcv internet when the ship is underway?
SHF or inmarsat
how do we know if an approaching aircraft is military,l civilian, or commercial?
what communications is greatly affected by middle of the day ionic interference?
what is the main navigation system of the ship?
AN/WSN-7 ring laser gyro
what operates as a navigational beacon for craft to find there way back to the ship?
what info does TACAN provide to aircraft?
range and bearing to the ship.
is satellite communications line of sight?
how does the global positioning system work?
rcving the signals from 3 satellites can provide a fixed position and an accurate time standard.
how do we communicate with the harbormaster in foreign and domestic ports?
bridge-to-bridge VHF radios
what are 2 methods to make the ships radio transmissions unintelligible to unauthorized users?
cryptographic equipment and frequency hopping.
where do we derive our authorized frequencies to operate on?
comm plan generated by radio
what must be accomplished to RADAR equipment prior to going aloft?
all radars must be danger tagged OFF.
what is displayed on the AN/SPA-25G's screen?
radar contacts, ships heading marker, speed, bearing, and range.
how many modes does IFF have and what are they?
modes 1, 2, 3/A, 4, and C
what extra info doe your rcv in mode C?
mode 4 of IFF is for _____ military applications.
what is the range of the SPS-64 radar?
64 NM
what is the range of the SPS-40 radar?
256 NM
what is the range of the SPS-67 radar?
109 NM
what is the range of the furuno radar?
96 NM
which radars are IFF capable?
SPS-67, SPS-40
how many URT-23 HF transmitters are onboard?
how many R-2368 HF receivers are onboard?
how many HF transmit antennas are installed and where are they located?
fwd forecastle
stbd fwd smoke deck
"bullhorns" above pilot house
fan wire from main mast
stbd aft 04 lvl
port aft 03 lvl
how many HF receive antennas are installed and where are they located?
stbd fwd flight deck
stbd aft flight deck
port boat deck
fan wire from main mast
stbd stack
how many WSC-3 LOS transceivers are onboard?
how many WSC-3 LOS antennas and where are they located?
stove pipes on pt/stbd yardarms
2 sets of 4 plates near top of aft mast
how many WSC-3 SATCOM transceivers are onboard?
4, plus one rcv only
how many WSC-3 SATCOM antennas are there and where are they?
2, trash can antennas on top of prifly and on stbd front of pilot house
how many AN/SPA-25G repeaters and where are they?
5 in CIC
1 in pilot house
1 in SACC
1 in flag plot
define the term Naval Surface Fire Support.
gun fire support for troops landing or conducting operations on shore.
define RADAR
radio detection and ranging
define SONAR
sound navigation and ranging
Explain the purpose of the following weapons:
vertical launched ASROC
standard missiles
harpoon- anti-ship, tactical surface to surface
vertical launched ASROC- anti submarine
standard missiles- anti air contact
torpedo- anti ship/sub
explain the difference between 2-D and 3-D radars.
2-D radar shows only range and bearing
3-D radar shows range, bearing, and elevation.
explain the difference between active and passive SONAR.
passive SONAR only listens while active SONAR emits a ping.
explain a hang fire.
there is a noticeable delay from pulling the trigger and the round firing.
explain a misfire.
the weapon did not fire.
explain a hot gun and the hazard associated with it.
300 round <5 minutes
dangerous because the rounds could "cook off" and fire without the trigger being pulled.
explain HERO.
hazards of electromagnetic radiation to ordnance
voltages from radio frequencies could ignite ammunition.
explain WLO and GLO.
WLO- weapons liaison officer- intermediary between weapons system operators and CO/TAO
GLO- gun liaison officer- intermediary between crew-served weapons mounts and the CO/TAO/bridge
what is the max range, max effective range, and ROF of the 25mm machine gun and what is their location?
max range- 4.1nm
max effective- 2700yds
ROF- 175 RPM
location- pt/stbd 02 lvl aft
what is the max range, max effective range, and ROF of the M-60 machine gun and what is their location?
max range- 3725m
max effective- 1100m
ROF- 550 RPM
location- pt/stbd 04 lvl fwd
what is the max range, max effective range, and ROF of the .50 cal machine gun and what is their locations?
max range- 7400yds
max effective- 2000yds
ROF- 450-600 RPM
locations- 3 forecastle
4 flight deck
how many stinger missile launchers are there and where are they?
pt/stbd flight deck
fwd smoke deck
04 lvl port aft
what is the max effective range of the stingers, and what type of tracking system do they use?
IR-heat seeking
define the following types of projectiles, and give their coloring patterns:
VT non-frag
HE-PD- high explosive, point detonating- olive, yellow band
HE-VT- high explosive, variable time- olive, yellow band
HE-MT-PD- high explosive, mechanical timed, point detonating
VT non-frag- used for training against air targets- blue
RAP- rocket assisted projectile- up to 80 miles
BL&P- blind, loaded and plugged- filled with sand for practice- blue
HE-IR- high explosive, infrared- heat sensor- olive, yellow band
WP- white phosphorous- light green with yellow, red, green band
HE-CVT- high explosive, controlled variable time
define advance and transfer.
advance- distance traveled in direction of original course
transfer- distance traveled in direction of new course.
what are the 3 flags used for unrep?
romeo, bravo, and prep
what nav lights are displayed while U/W?
pt/stbd running lights, fwd mast light, main mast light, stern light
what is a stadimeter?
measures the distance to an object with a known height.
what is a sextant?
measures angles in degrees, minutes, and seconds for celestial navigation.
what is D.R.?
dead reckoning, indication of where the ship will be at with a set course and speed.
what is the fathometer?
measures the depth of water under the keel.
what is an LOP?
line of positioning
how many LOP's are needed for an accurate fix?
how many time zones are there? what letter designation is not used?
25, "J" not used
what is set and drift?
set- direction the ship is pushed off course
drift- speed the ship is pushed off course
what buoy system are we in?
IALA B, red right returning
what is a psychrometer used for?
wet and dry bulb temperature, used to determine dew point.
describe the purpose of range/channel markers.
tells you if the ship is right or left of track.
what is the telltale panel?
underway light panel
what is the day shape for ship at anchor?
one black ball
what is the day shape for restricted maneuvering?
what does the acronym D.I.W. mean?
dead in the water- vessel has no way to advance in the water and no steerageway.
what is a telescopic alidade used for?
used by the lookouts to give bearings to objects.
what is the foxtrot flag used for?
fixed wing FQ.
what is the papa flag used for?
crew recall to the ship.
what is the lima flag used for?
HERO conditions.
what is the oscar flag used for?
man overboard.
what is the hotel flag used for?
helo FQ.
what is the kilo flag used for?
personnel aloft.
what is the kilo one flag used for?
personnel over the side.
what is the kilo three flag used for?
personnel aloft and over the side.
what is the romeo flag used for?
coming along side while U/W.
what is the 2nd sub used for?
staff embarked.
what is the mike flag used for?
medical guardship.
what is the quebec flag used for?
boat recall/quarantine.
what is a fix?
a position of the ship as determined by any of the several different methods.
where is the magnetic compass located?
located forward of the helm unit and gets its readings from magnetic north.
who is the security manager?
who is the CMS custodian?
ITC Hudson
who is the top secret control officer?
who is the communications officer?
LT Williams
what are the parameters for HF?
1500 mile max range
what are the parameters for VHF?
20-30 mile range
what are the parameters for UHF?
20-30 mile range LOS
directional beam SATCOM
what are the parameters for SHF?
directional beam SATCOM
what is TPI?
two person integrity, the need for two persons to access COMSEC material
what is need to know?
a person cannot be granted access to classified info based solely on their rank/position. they must have a clearance greater or equal to the needed info, and it must be related to the performance of their duties.
what is the criteria for flash messages?
needs to be sent out within 10 minutes, or as fast as humanly possible.
what is the criteria for immediate messages?
needs to be sent out within 30 minutes.
what is the criteria for priority messages?
needs to be sent out within 3 hours.
what is the criteria for routine messages?
needs to be sent out within 6 hours.
define confidential.
-requires protection
-unauthorized disclosure could cause damage to national security
define secret.
-requires substantial amount of protection
-unauthorized disclosure could cause serious damage to national security.
define top secret.
-requires highest degree of protection
-unauthorized disclosure could cause exceptionally grave damage to national security.
what is a NWPL?
naval warfare publications library
what is a casrep?
casualty report
what is an initial casrep?
initial casualty report
what is a casrep update?
casualty report update, sent in relation to initial casrep.
what is a casrep correction?
casualty report correction (cascor)
-detailed summary of repairs
-tech assist man hours
-root cause assessment
-adequacy of training
-distance support
-BG/ARG fleet systems engineering support
what is a casrep cancellation?
casualty report cancellation (cascan)
what is a logreq?
message to make known the logistics requirements of the ship during an inport period to include hotel services, phone lines, internet connectivity, number of vehicles, etc.
what is a movrep?
report submitted via message to assist the chain of command in tracking vessels for operational/emergency use.
what is a unit sitrep?
minor incidents that the CO wants to lay out in detail to the chain of command, such as fighting on base, bomb threats evaluated as a hoax, serious injury or casualty onboard.
what is an oprep-3 pinnacle?
severe incidents involving:
-foreign national
-any incident with high media interest
-severe oil spill
-defections or asylum request
-accidents with nuclear weapons
-reports of armed attacks on US/allied personnel
-reports of any nuclear detonation
what is an oprep navy blue?
minor but newsworthy incidents involving:
-foreign nationals
-less severe oil spills
-reports of collisions or grounding
-any other even generating high navy level interest but falling short of national interest
what is netprec?
net precedence
a communications channel used by GCCS-M to exchange track data
current NETPREC software can only broadcast FOTC database to 20 participants.
what is OTCIXS?
officer in tactical command information exchange subsystem
another comm channel used by GCCS-M, contains tailored contact data required for database dumps.
what is SATCOM?
satellite communications, can use either SHF or UHF for long haul comms to users worldwide.
what is DAMA?
demand assigned multiple access, maximizes the utilization of UHF SATCOM channels by employing multiple access methods to multiplex several voice and data base band systems, or users, on to a single 5/25KHz channel.
what are pict phones?
commercial off the shelf (COTS) voice comms terminal which provides control of voice functions for an operator to initiate and participate in private, conference, net, shore telephone, public announcing, radio and sound powered comms.
what is NAVMACS II?
naval modular automated communications subsystem
primary system onboard used to send and receive narrative messages.
receives input from SHF, CUDIXS, fleet broadcast, and ATG TTY.
what is CUDIXS?
common user digital information exchange subsystem
UHF satellite circuit, one of our main methods of communicating via narrative message traffic with the shore.
crypto device is KG-84A.