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Name 5 characteristics of communication
1. Governed by rules.
2. Inescapable
3. Irreversible
4. Relationship
5. Complicated
5 Principles of Communication
1. Be aware of your communication with yourself and others.
2. Effectively use and interpret verbal messages.
3. Effectively use and interpret non verbal messages.
4. Listen and respond thoughtfully to others.
5. Appropriately adapt messages to others.
Face Shows ? percentage of our meaning
Vocal Cues, and Volume Pitch shows ? percentage
Non Verbal shows ? percentage
Emotion shows ? percentage
How do you enhance communication?
Positive self talk, visualize(imagine yourself behaving in a certain way)(reframing)
What is the Inversion process?
Words are used differently depending on how it is said.
What is Spotlighting?
Example firman, nurses, Policeman.