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the calculator and decision maker in the microprocessor
arithmetic and logic unit (ALU)
the set of programs in the ROM of the IBM- compatible computers used to interact with the screen, keyboard, and disk
the system of conneftions that links the microprocessor to the RAM, ROM, and input and output parts
links the microprocessor to the bus
bus interface unit
the part of a computer where the processing takes place
central processing unit (CPU)
controls the speed of a microprocessor
a microprocessor that accepts a compartively large number of instructions, some of which perform complex operation. The Intel 80486 and Pentium are examples
comples instruction set computer (CISC)
a term used to describe the way the many devices in a computer are put together
computer architecture
the part of a microprocessor that coordinates the activity of the execution unit
control unit
electronic mail sent from one computer user to another over a computer network
the parrt of the microprocessor thatcarries out instructions, is made up of the control unit, the ALU, and the registers
execution unit
a type of secondary storage media made of thin, flexible, magnetic disk
floppy disk
a form of secondary storage media mad eup of hard, magnetic platters; are usually installed inside a computer
hard disk
the equipment that makes up a computer systen
data put into a computer for processing
the part of the microprocessor that determines what must me done to get an instruction processed
instruction decode unit
the part of the microprocessor that gets instructions from the RAM or ROM
instruction fetch unit
the set of commands a microprocessor is designed to understand
instruction set
the thin slice of photo-sensitive silicon, usually smaller than a dime, upon which microscopic circuits have been inscribed
integrated circuit
getting input and giving a response
a world-wide network of computer systems that allows for the exchange of electronic mail, public messages, data, and files
the units (which means millions per second) used to measure clock speeds of computers
an intergrated circuit that imcludes all of the main functions of a computer over the telephone
a device that allows inteaction to occur between computers over the telephone
a computer's main circuit board
a group of computers that are connected by a communications link that allows them to share data or hardware resources
data or info provided by a computer to a user
a computer's random-access memome (RAM)
primary storage
a computer's primary storage;is where currently running programs and active data are stored
random-access memory
a set of memory chips that have instructions and data permantly stored upon them
read-only memory (ROM)
a microprocessor that accepts a relatively small number of instructions, each of which perform simple operations. the PowerPC is an example
reduced instruction set computer (RISC)
a memory circuit that holds data that is being manipulated by the execution unit of the microprocessor
a form of data storage more permanent than RAM, usually magnetic disk media
secondary storage
a set of programs in the ROM of MAC computers
in terms of memory, RAM is called this because it can be lost if power to the computer is interrupted