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Self-Concept (self-identity)
what a person thinks about him or herself
your positive or negative evaluation of that self-information
how we see and evaluate ourselves as we are
our perception of the best person that we could be
the content and structure of the information you have about yourself
What is sex classified by?
biological characteristics
What is gender classified by?
psychological characteristics
Psychodynamic Theories of gender development
Occurs during infancy
Social Learning Theories of gender development
gender develops from positive and negative reinforcements that are received for engaging in certain behaviors
Cognitive Development Theories of gender development
People actively engage in behavior that they expect will be rewarded and avoid behavior where they expect they will be punished
How does culture determine our self-concept?
what is proper behavior for men in women within their bounds
How does family determine our self-concept?
Family is a primary group; Treatment of children relates to self-worth
How do roles determine our self-concept?
Roles that we play and the behaviors we are expected to perform become part of our self-concept
High Self-Monitor
base judgments on of appropriateness on external factors
Low Self-Monitor
base social appropriateness judgments on internal factors
Common mistakes people make in trying to change their views for themselves
Shooting too high; Expecting change too quickly