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unit made up of any number of persons who live or have lived in relationship with on another over time in a common living space and who are usually, but not always, united by marriage and kinship
natural family
mother, father, and their biological children
blended family
two adults and their children. because of divorce, seperation, death, or adoption, the children may be the offspring of other parents, or of just one of the adults who is raising them
single-parent family
one parent raising one or more children
extended family
relatives such as aunts, uncles, cousins, or gradparents and/or unrelated persons who are a part of a family unit
family of orgin
family in which a person is raised
circumplex model of family interaction
model of the relationship among family adaptability, cohesion, and communication
a family's ability to modify and respond to changes in the family's power structure and roles
the emotional bonding and feelings of togetherness that families experience
computer-mediated communication (CMC)
communication between and among people thorugh the medium of computers (email, chat, message boards)
synchronous interaction
interaction in which participants are actively engaging at the same time
asynchronous interaction
interaction in which participants send and receive messages from each other with delays between reception and response
computer-supported social netword (CSSN)
a virtual community created by networking amound individuals through CMS
quid pro quo
latin phrase that can be used to describe a type of sexual harassmen. "you do something for me and i'll do something for you"
upward communication
communication that flows from subordinates to superiors
downward communication
communication that flows from superiors to subordinates
hostile envrionment
type of sexual harassment in which an employee's rights are threatenend through offensive workign conditions or behavior on the part of other workers
horizontal communication
communication among colleagues or cowordersa tthe same level within an organization
outward commuinication
communication that flows to those outside an organization (such as customers)