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Any letter, number or puncutation
Single style and weight of a particular typeface
Typeface Family
A particular font in different styles
The spacing of the letters in a body of copy
Spacing between two different characters
The spacing of lines in a body of copy
What must ALL copy be converted into before printing?
Line Copy
To reproduce a black and white photo in one color of ink it must be converted into dots of various sizes and spacing.
Half Tone
An actual photo using two colors of ink is called
An actual photographic print consisting of a full-range of grays between white and black is
Continuos tone original
Creating an impression of a lighter value of a color in a patern of consistently placed dots.
Screen tint
Pantone, or PMS, is a system for specifiying what type of color?
Flat/Match color
Whe you convert an original full-color phot into 4C it is called
Computers monitors colr platform
3 traditional primary printing processes
1. Letter Press
2. Gravure
3. Offset Lithography
Type that is printed OVER a color or image is called
over print copy
Type that lets the color of the paper SHOW THROUGH is called
Reverse copy
3 Proofing Systems
1. Cromalin or Matchprint

2. Color Key

3. Blueline
- cheapest form of proofing