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when people meet eachother for the first time
small groups argue and debate the task that needs to be performed
coming together, forming contentious on the nature of the task, people may go into their roles assigned to the task
actually doing the roles
main motivators for small groups
people, task attraction, need fulfillment, and personality traits
need fulfillment
need for inclusion, they help us feel included, control and affections
personality traits
indicidulaistic- maker better decisions not in a group.
task knowledge
how to perform a certain task
task skill
how to perform a particluar activity
relational knowledge
able to make the group better
relational skills
able to make group better
actual productivity=potential productivity-faulty group processes
look at why group are productive or not, if they don't know how to work well gotether they won't do well
force field analysis
solving using a force field analysis, you analyze what is causing the problem, considered drivers, also consider that the factors that prevent the group from solving the proble, restraining forces
question of fact
whether a claim is true or accurate
is those that takd what might may happen in the future they usually include will
fundamental beliefs, what is good and what is bad include best. is it more importiant to care about friendship or getting task done
policy focus
focuses on actions include the word should. what should happen ...
standard agenda model traditional or rational model
rational actor model
assupmtions are this model assumes people look at their goals and the potential gains or losses. people act in way that are constant with their beleifs if i beleive in sancity of all life i won't kill the spider
5 step standard agenda model
define problem, anayyze, identify criteria for solving, generate solutions, evaluate solutions
weaknesses in the rational decision making model
hard on relationships, if you need to improve study group, have to kick out best friend.
weaknesses in traditional model
decision making is bounded and we usually just satisfied. limined time and money. sift through info and come to an answer. writing a paper i topic vs 5 topics
people are more likely to rationalize before justify. justify happens before the fact, rationalize is after the fact
when making business decisions. do it then analyse it.
definition of group thing
a central challange, when groups make consensus the highest priority and refrain from appraising various opinions
structural and personal factors encourage group think
if you have anisolagede goup, more likely to use groupthink. polygamists, cults, all members have similar backgrounds, frats
devil advocate
procedure when you assign an individual to evaluate the decisions of the group.
minority report
are generated by a subgroup to reflect the thinking ideas of a group that is not the majority. When you are in the minority of the opinion, but the majority of the people are still interested.
when a group identifies its key steak holders, people affected by decision, and analyzes how all the groups may be affected by the decision. On raising tuition at ASU the steak holders would be students, parents, teachers, other schools, the community. Think of all the groups that may be affected and how they act.
how to encourage covergent thinking through nominal group techniques
you need to do excercises that bring group together, evaluate ideas and narrow to a few things.
nominal group techniques
group members bulunteer ideas and evaluate the ideas, pos and neg. all ideas are tallied and add up totals
vigilant interaction
is the group vigilantly evaluating different parts of the problem and looking at the positive and negative reproductions.
decision acceptability
degree where the decision meets quality, timeliness and…
collaboration capability
the group members must be able to work together in the future. If you make a good decision usually be able to work in the future. Not a good decision if it rips the group apart
personal development
does the decision making process enhance the personal well being of the members and facilitate growth.
definition of leadership
process of communication. should always be compitent communicators
emergent leadership
disadvantage is the really may not have skills to do the job, they talk alot.
democratic leadership
includes 2 way communication. people think of equal power and usuall make decisions together
autocratic leadership
leaders have much more power that other members, and their communication is usually 1 way.
male leadership
more task orientated, autocratic, demanding
female leadership
relational, cooperative, democratic.
how does a good leader manage group relations
recognize group phases, understand group roles,
task roles
the roles that help the group achieve its task and finda solution.
person who provides guidelines and direction
eleminated confusion by providing evidence
information recorder
person who is taking notes