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Color perception with transparent tints is/ is not affected?
Is NOT affect (high light transmission across the visible spectrum)
Dark Amber lenses attenuate the perception of ________ and make it _____ (easy/difficult) to discriminate b/t red and other colors.
nonred colors, difficult to distinguish red and other colors
Dark aqua make it ____(easy/hard) to see the red end of the spectrum.
Which absorb more uv light: transparent tinted lenses, or untinted lenses?
lenses with a transparent tint absorb more uv
Can UV aborbing tints help reduce glare sensitivity?
Do the Transparent tints on CTL that also absorb some UV light meet the sunglass standards?
NO (these tints also do NOT protect the conjuctiva)
In other words, the uv absorbing power of the transparantly tinted CTL not enough UV protection.
T of F: as the lens gets older it doesnt tint the eye as much.
true (bilateral replacement is needed)
What are 3 theraputic color CTL that assist red-green color deficiencies?
1- X-Chrom
2- ChromaGen
3- ColorMax
If a person has achromatopsia, what CTL might they choose? What is important to remember wehn doing this?
a RED tinted lens, fit ONE EYE ONLY
What are 5 types of opaque lenses?
1- clear pupil with opaque iris
2- black pupil with opaque iris
3- black pupil with clear iris
4- Black pupil with opaque iris
5- pupil concentric with iris
6- decentered pupil and or iris
What are the steps to fitting someone with expressions?
1- first fit with copper vision frequency 55 aspherics, 8.7 BC
2- after success with this--pick a tinted lens
________ may cause peripheral blur/haze.
opaque lenses
_______ may restrict the visual field.
opaque lenses
Name 5 conditions where using opaque lenses can be really helpful.
1- albinism
2- microphthalmus
3- corneal scars
4- failed grafts
5- dense arcus
Can you use an opaque CTL to help the APPEARANCE of straightened eyes? (for strabismus)
Nike Maxsight is an example of lenses that are for _________.
sports enhancement
What are 3 priorites for sports vision?
1- protect he eyes
2- remove strain
3- react faster
In regards to chromatic abberations, describe the placement of the refracted colors going from closest to the cornea --> furthest from the cornea.
1- blue(closest to cornea)
2- green
3- red
A goal of sport vision lenses is to _____ the chromatic abberations.
To play soccer on grass, what color maxsight lens will you choose?
To play golf on grass, what color maxsight lens will you chose?
Can you wear your Nike mzxsight lenses all day in any environment?
NO!! only during sports
Can you wear your nike maxsight lenses on top of your normal CTL?
Yes, re-hydrate them before you pull them off
Nike Maxsight is made of ______.
polymacon 38%
Nike maxsight comes in _____BC and ____ diameter
8.7. 14.3
The range of nike maxsight is _____.
+4 t0 -9