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The word for color is usually defined as
local color
local color is the effect of colors as seen in white daylight.
optical color
perceived color modified by the quality of light on it
T or False
Color chosen to impart the artist's emotions and symbolism is called arbitrary color.
blue field effect
Leonardo da Vinci discovered that colors become increasingly lighter and bluer as they recede in the distance. The change is called blue field effect.
T or False
Hues can be reproduced ptically in lighting conditions other than white daylight
The perception of color is made up of several processes:
theory and psychology?
The process for mixing pigments together is:
subtractive color
The process for mixing colored lights is
Additive color
The reaction that colors have when they are placed next to each other is
Partivitive color
the primary colors on the basic color wheel are
Who wrote the first color book?
Leonardo da vinci work on colors created visual color wheel using ___ colors instead of the 3 primary colors we normally think of.
Munsell color system is what?
A scientific system for identifying colors and reproding them in terms other than names
T or False
The study of color is very objective and easily quantified
The process wheel give us 3 basic primaries of
yellow, cyan and magenta
The name for a color is
A hue without any white, black, gray, or complmenet in its mixture is
a pure hue
In the Munsell System neutral colors are described as having
only chroma?
Value is described as
the lightness or darkness of a hue
How is the value of a true hue changed?
by adding white or black?
T or False
A pure hue is fully saturated
A colored gray is created by
mixing a pure hue with its exact value of gray?
On a color wheel - mark where the complimentary colors are and what they are
write out
T or False
A shade is created by adding the pigment wheel complement to a hue
T or False
Space can be created with intensity by making objects in a distance duller
Name 3 warm hues
red, orange, yellow
Name 3 cool hues
blue, green, violet
make a warm black by mixing which colors?
red, yellow blue?
When a color is repeated in a color scheme it creates _________
T or False
The value relationship among colors carries about 90% of the information in any color scheme
In the Munsell system, neutral colors are described as having the following characteristics:
no hue or chroma?
The temperature of color refers to
the warmth and coolness of a hue
T or False
The temperature of a color can be changed by the color or hue surrounding it, as well as mixing it with another hue
T or False
Warm colors advance and cool colors recede
A pure hue can be changed in 5 ways.
adding white
adding the compliment
adding black
adding a warm color
adding the beige
T or False
Color does not have the same principles and elements of design as used in other design disciplines
The principles of design are as follows (6):
T or False
Repetition will give you the feeling of movement or rhythm
On the color wheel indicate a monochromatic color scheme
write it up
Emphasis of a color can be created in 3 ways
1. color contrast
2. texture (rough versus smooth
3. gradation (soft versus hard)
T or False
Analogous color schemes are based upon the use of 3 or more hues located next to each other on the color wheel
Balance in color can add 4 of the following effects:
1. color is flat or glossy
2. uses value
3. adds the illusion of space or depth
4. is symmetrical
T or False
An interior color scheme will be successful with the proper proportion of color
Focal points are created with _____
T or False
A focal point placed off center of a visual center the effect will be more interesting than when placed on the exact center
on a color wheel show an example of a complementary color
write up
on a color wheel show an example of a split complementary color scheme
write up
5 elements of design are:
transparency can be used in interiors by (choose which apply)
glaxzing of wall color
sheer window coverings
Translucency can be used in interiors by the following (choose all that apply
sheer or gauzy window coverings
stained or leaded glass windows
glass block
textured glass
Outlining can be used in several ways in an interior color scheme. Outlining in black tends to:
deepen it, making it riger and more jewel like
Outlining in white tends to
Spreads and washes the hue over the area
Texture makes a color appear
T or False
The afterimage of a color will appear to be a complement of the hue on the Munsell system.
T or False
It has been scientifically proven that color can affect emotion or behavior