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the charter also created a law-making body of elected representative known as the Assembly. Their job was to defend the interests of the colonists.
Boston Tea Party
the event when colonists dumped tea into the Boston Harbor to protect the British taxes on tea.
in 1682, the New York's governor granted the colonists a charter. This charter was like a consitution, it guaranteed colonists freedom of religion and the right to trial by jury.
French and Indian War
a war between Great Britain and France. Both countries and help from Native Americans. The British won and gained control of most of France's land in the New World.
the movement of people into a new country to make a permanent home there; immigrants are people that move to a new country.
New York
New Netherlands became an English colony and was renamed New York in honor of the Duke of York, the brother of the King of England.
something that covers or protects from weather, danger or attack.
Stamp Act
a law passed by Great Britain in 1765 that placed taxes on newspapers and pamphlets.