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Prior to the American Revolution, this group made up the largest number of immigrants in the American colonies.
Most arrived in Philadelphia in search of material wealth, they quickly moved into the backcountry to escape English oppression.
The second largest group of non-english setllers came from this mother country, many is search of religious toleration.
This group hails from the upper rhine Valley.
African slaves were not the only people sent to the Americas against their will. Between 1718 and 1775 the British counts sent 50,000 of these people to the colonies to be employed as indentured servants.
Trade of rum fro the New England colonies to Africa's Gold Coast where slaves were traded to the West Indies when molasses were brought back to the colonies is often called what?
The Triangular Trade
While the northern colonies may have preached the savagry of slavery they profited heavily from this trade connection.
colonists accepted the experientmal science associated with this movement but defended the traditional tennents of Christianity.
The Enlightenment
leaders of this movement included Newton, Locke, Hume, and voltaire.
This religious revival spread throughout the colonies in the 1730s and 1740s.
the Great Awakening
This movement is perhaps most significant becuase it was the first spontaneous mass movement of the American people, it united the people and the colonies.
A leader of the Great Awakening, he is best known for his sermon, "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"
Jonathan Edwards
His sermons were vivid and descriptive of landscape of hell and the eternal torments of the damned.
What was the major criticism of the Commonwealthmen against the British government?
Corruption and an imbalance of the consitution's institutions.
The English constitution divided power among the monarch, his council of advisors, the two chamber Parliament,and various other local governments. Each was designed to check the balance of power among the others. Sound familar?
This form of colonial government was typically aggressive in asserting power and fighting for the rights of the colonies.
Colonial Assembilies
elected officials believed that theyhad a special obligaton to preserve colonial liberties; theyarely cooperated with appointed royal govenors.
These two wars produced little territorial gain but proved to Great Britain and France the enormous stakes in control over North America.
King William's and Queen Anne's Wars
These wars were known in Eurpoe as the War of the Laegue of Augsburg and the War of Spanish Succession.
This war revealed the ability of colonial forces to successfully wage war against the French as well as thier desire to cotrol the West.
King George's War
This is known as the War of Austrian Succession in Europe.