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When did the American Revolution end?
The American Revolution ended
in 1781.

The United States of America won its fight for independence when Britain surrendered.
Who decided that the colonists should have independence from British rule?
Leaders from the 13 colonies decided after several meetings to declare their independence from Britain.

(There were alot of arguements.)
What caused the colonies to break away from Britain?
The colonies broke away from Britain because...

- the King(Britain) made decisions without asking their opinion, and
- the King (Britain) taxed the colonies without representation.
"Independence" means freedom.
Who was Bernardo de Galvez?
Bernardo de Galvez was Governor of Spanish Louisiana.
Who was the primary writer of the Declaration of Independence?
The Declaration of Independence was written
mostly by Thomas Jefferson of Virginia.
What rights were mentioned in the Declaration of Independence?
The Declaration of Independence states that all people have the right to..

- "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness" and
- "these United Colonies are, and of Right ought to be, Free and Independent States."
Why were the colonists angered by the British?
The colonists were angered by the British, the King, because
the British often made decisions about the colonies without asking for the colonists' opinion.
What did Bernardo Galvevez do in 1781?
In 1781, Bernardo Galvez reclaimed West Florida for Spain.

In 1783, The 2nd Treaty of Paris was signed and Spain was given West and East Florida.
To "boycott" is to refuse to buy goods.
Why were East and West Floridians Loyalists?
East and West Floridians were Loyalist because they depended on the money that Britain continued to give them.

East and West Florida did not export or sell enough goods to support themselves so Britain gave them money.
How did the colonists who did not agree with the new British taxes act against taxation?
The colonists acted against taxation by...

- holding meetings,
- sent letters to protest,
- refused to pay taxes and
- boycotted British goods.
What did the Spanish victory at Pensacola allow?
The Spanish victory at Pensacola allowed...

- Spain to regain control over Florida and
- forced Britain to surrender.
Why was Britain in debt?
Britain was in debt because the French and Indian War had cost so much money they had doubled their debt.
What is a revolution?
A "revolution" is a sudden, complete change in government.
What was the opinion of the colonists about taxes?
The colonists' opinion was ...

- the British government had no right to tax them without representation in that government.
What would the United States have to do to win its independence from Britain?
The United States would have to fight a long war against Britain to win their independence.

The war was the American Revolution.
When and where did British soldiers first fight with Patriots?
Patriots and British soldiers first fought in ...

- April 1775, in
- Massachussetts.
Did the colonists in East and West Florida support Britain during the American Revolution?
Yes, the colonists of East and West Florida ...

- were Loyalists or people who supported Britain during the American Revolution.
What is the Declaration of Independence?
The Declaration of Independence is a document that said ...

- all people should have certain rights, or freedoms.
What did the Declaration of Independence declare?
The Declaration of Independence declared that the 13 colonies had become the United States of America.
A "tax" is money that government collects from people, usually to pay for services.
When did Spain declare war on Britain?
Spain declared war on Britain in 1779.
Who were Patriots?
Patriots were colonists that did not want British rule.
What happened during the 1700's and 1800's in Florida?

During the 1700's and 1800's the ...

- British began alliances with Native Americans
- colonists led a revolution against Britian
- the United States doubled its size with the Louisianna Purchase and
the United States fought the War of 1812.
A "debt" is money owed to another.
What is a Loyalist?
A "Loyalist" was a person who supported Britain.
Colonial Florida :
Florida and the American Revolution
Chapter 4 - Lesson 3
pg. 171 - 175
When did the American Revolution end?
The American Revolution ended
in 1781.

The United States of America won its fight for independence when Britain surrendered.
How did Britain plan to pay its debt?
Britain planned to pay its debt by placing taxes on the colonies.

The colonists had to pay the new taxes but, the people living in Britain did not have to pay some of these taxes.( OOOOH! that's not fair!:)
Why did the colonists decide to go to war with Britian?
The colonists decided to go to war...

- because they were angered by the King, Britain, for making decisions that affected the colonies without asking their opinion.
What happened when the relationship between Britian and its colonies to the north of Florida grew worse?
When Britain's relations with the colonies to the north of Florida grew worse the colonists wanted ...

- to break away from British rule,
- start their own country, and
- make their own laws.