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A collective farm on which a great number of people work and live together
During the Cold War, the developing nations not allied with either the United States or the United Nations
Third World
The independent countries that remained neutral in the Cold War competition between the United States and the Soviet Union
Nonaligned Nations
A division into parts, like the 1947 division of the British colony of India into the two nations of India and Pakistan
A slowdown in a nation's economy
An opponent of a government's policies or actions
A policy of murder and other acts of brutality by which by which Serbs hoped to eliminate Bosnia's Muslim population after the breakup of Yugoslavia
Ethnic Cleansing
Introduction by scientists of genes into an organism that allow the organism to take on new traits
Genetic Engineering
The creating of plants or animals that are genetically identical to an existing plant or animal
All the financial interactions- involving people, businesses, and governments - that cross international bounderies
Global Economy
Commerce between nations without economic restrictions or barriers (such as tariffs)
Free Trade
A growth or spread - especially the spread of nuclear weapons to nations that do not currently have them
A strict belief in the basic truths and practices of a particular religion
A placing of high value on acquiring material possessions
A nation in which the process of industrialization is not yet complete
Developing Nation