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united nations
organization created after ww2 to promote peace and prevent future wars.
security council
strongest body of the U.N., makes major decisions. 15 nations are in it, 5 are permanent
yalta conference
meet to make plans for post ww2 world. they decide:1) make an international peace keeping organiztaion 2) hold elections in east european nations after ww2
buffer zone
ussr wanted freindly nations between themselves and germany, so no elections took place in east europe. communist " puppet" goverments were set up to create a buffer zone
potsdam conferance
divide germany and berlin into 4 zones of occupation
us foreign policy after ww2, contain the spread of communism
truman doctrine
teh us says they wull help and nation resisnt communism takeovers.used in greece and turkey.
marshall plan
us plan to spread billions rebuilding europe after ww2. us hoped this would help contain communism.
berlin airlift
us and uk fly supplies to west berlin b/c a soviet union blockade kept them from using r.r.'s and higways into berlin .
military alliance between us and democratic nations in west europe designed to conatin communism
occupied by the us after ww2. general macarthur set up a democarcy there by 1947.
chiang Kai-shek/nationalists
us supports them in a civil war in china.they lost to maozedong and the communitsts
mao zedong/communtists
won control of china in 1949,made china a communtist nation
38th parallel
dividing line in korea after ww2- soviets control area north of the 38th, us conrtols south of it.
korean war
1950-53. n korea attacks south korea. the un decides to defend s. korea. result is 2 nations form,communist-n korea and democratic s korea
Mac arthur removed
by president truman for criticizing his handling of the korean war.macarthur wants to bomb china,truman did not.
result of the korean war, no side is a clear winner
first nuclear weapon, us and ussr both have them in the early 1950s.
first artificial satellite, launched by ussr. this starts the space race.
formed by the us after sputnik, designed to catch up and win the space race
nikita khruschev
soviet dictator who followed josef stalin. kruschev challenged JFK w. a wall in berlin and missles in cuba.
krushchev sats the us and ussr con coexizt peacefully
u-2 incident
soviets shoot down a us spy plan over the soviet union and capture the pilot.
elected in 1960, 1st president that is catholic, assassinated in 1963.
cold war
period of tension and hostilities between the us and ussr after ww2 both nations want to extend their influence around the world
bay of pigs invasion
cia trained cuban exiles to lead and invasion of cuba to remove fidel castro form power, the revolution failed.
cuban missile crisis
62-us spy plane finds soviet missile in cuba. jfk forced krushchev to remove the missiles.this almost led to a nuclear war.
estalished after the cuban missile crisis, allows us/ussr leaders to talk immediatley in the event of a crisis
lee harvey oswald
man charged with the assassintion of jfk
lyndon baines johnson, vp for jfk- took over after the assassination