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Sensorimotor...what? 2 examples
experiencing world through senses and actions
1) object permanence
2) stranger anxiety
What are Piaget's 4 stages?
Concrete Operational
Formal Operational
What are some possible causes of childhood amnesia?
1. disproportionate loss of early memories
2. lack of brain maturation
3. change in encoding techniques (language acquisition, storytelling ability)
4. development of a self
Formal Op
Abstract reasoning
1) potential for mature moral reasoning
Preoperational....what? 2 examples
representing things w/ words and images but lack logical reasoning
1) ability to pretend
2) egocentrism
Concrete Op
thinking logically, grasping concrete concepts, mathematical reasoning
1) conservation
2) math logic
3) abstract logic
What are the ages:
Concrete Op
Formal Op
sens - birth to 2 years
preop- 2 to 7
conccrete - 7 to 11.5
formal - 11.5 to adult