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Mental imagery
Experiencing a sensory impression in the absence of sensory input.
Visual imagery
“seeing” in the absence of a visual stimulus
Shepard and Meltzer
Mental chronometry
Participants mentally rotated one object to see if it matched another object
Time it took to rotate related to actual time it would take to rotate that object
Memorize picture, create an image of it
In image, move from one part of the picture to another
It took longer for participants to mentally move long distances than shorter distances
Like perception, imagery is spatial
Kosslyn 2
Island with 7 locations, 21 trips
It took longer to scan between greater distances
Visual imagery is spatial
Imagery neurons respond to:
both perceiving and imaging an object
Imagery aids in subsequent perception?
Results showing that accuracy was higher when the letter in (b) was the same as the one that had been imagined in (a).
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)
Decreases brain functioning in a particular area of the brain for a short time
If behavior is disrupted, the deactivated part of the brain is causing that behavior
TMS to visual area of brain during perception and imagery task.
Either directly compare length of lines or do so by imaginging.
Response time slower for both
Brain activity in visual area of brain plays a causal role for both perception and imagery
Perception and Imagery are _____ and _____
overlapping and dissociating.