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What is Syntax?
The rules underlying how we can combine words.
Name the categories for words
Determiners, Nouns, verbs and Prepositions.
What is phrase structure?
Knowing how categories of words go together
Sentences are made of...
What does it mean for the rules to be recursive?
They can repeat themselves
Name some evidence for phrase structure
we can regroup complete phrasal units
We can replace complete phrasal units
What is lexical Ambiguity?
A word with multiple meanings (pupil)
What is syntactic ambiguity?
A case where multiple possible phrase structures could explain part of a structure.
How do we investigate ambiguous sentences?
self paced reading
eye monitoring
What are other factors guiding sentence processing?
previous sentence context
Situational context
What is previous sentence context?
WE usually dont hear a sentence in isolation but as part of a discourse
What is situational context?
Use language to talk about things around us.
How does semantics influence parsing?
Meaning of words influence choice of the parse. Ex. The defendant examined by the lawyer was unreliable.
What is Aphasia?
Brain damage that leads to language problems
WHat is Broca's aphasia?
Damage to frontal lobe near the motor projection area. Language comprehension is unaffected but production is "agrammatic" Produce nouns and verbs but few function words.
What is Wernickies aphasia?
Damage to temporal lobe. Language comprehension is gone. Language produciton fluent but makes no sense.