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1. How long can the flexible transition duct be on something that you’re venting? The flexible pipe that comes out of a dryer, it hooks on a main terminal duct, how long can that be?
(p289) No more than 8’
2. Max length of a dyer duct?
(m1501, p289) 25’ from the dryer location to wall or roof termination.
3. 90º turn in duct, how much should we reduce the allowable length?
(p289) 5 feet
4. 45º turn in duct, how much should we reduce the allowable length?
(p289) 2.5 feet
5. Can a duct serving a range hood terminate in a crawl space?
(m1502,p289) No, outside only.
6. We have a stove in the kitchen, what’s the minimum height for a cook top and the bottom side of the cabinet above it
(p289) not less than .25
7. Max duct temp for plastic duct?
(p291) 150º
8. Access through a floor (to get to crawl space), what is the minimum size?
(m1305,p280) 30” high, 22” wide
9. Return air (forced air furnace) shall not be drawn from a bathroom? (t/f)
(m1602,p293) TRUE
10. Combustion air can NOT be taken from sleeping rooms, toilets? (t/f)
(m1701,p295) TRUE
11. Combustion air CAN be taken from attic/crawl space? (t/f)
(m1703,p296) TRUE
12. A vent or a natural draft appliance should terminate at least 5 feet above the highest appliance outlet? This is an appliance that sends exhaust out, how far away does it have to be from another appliance before it can pull something in, in terms of height? If you look at this horizontally remember they have to be 10 ft apart. How does it look vertically?
(p303) TRUE
13. Free standing or built in range clearance of cook top to combustible materials is?
(m1504,p290) 24”
14. What is the room temp limit of saunas?
(p305) 194º
15. Boilers pressure relief valve goes into pipe that is how close to floor?
(m2002, p307) Discharge shall be piped to drains by gravity to within 18” of the floor.
16. Can you have a water heater in a closet?
(m2005, p308) Fuel-fired water heaters shall NOT be installed in a room used as a storage closet.
17. Hydronic piping refers to?
Geothermal piping
18. The chapter on special piping refers to fuel oil? (t/f)
(P313) TRUE
19. Fill tube for fuel oil must be located how far from any building?
(p313) At least 2 feet from any building
20. Pressure at oil supply inlet to appliance?
(p314) Not greater than 3 psi.
21. Solar systems, what is the max allowable water temp?
(m2301, p315) 180 ºF.
22. Fuel fired appliances shall not be located in ….
(p323) sleeping room, bathroom, toilet room, or storage closet.
23. Equipment with ignition source shall be __ high off the floor in a garage?
(p328) 18”
24. Gas piping can be used for grounding electrodes?
25. Gas piping should be labeled in what color (home/com)?
(p331) For other than black steel pipe, exposed piping shall be identified by a yellow label marked gas in black letters.
26. Piping can be installed in air ducts where practical?
NO, G2415.1 pg. 339
27. All gas appliances shall have sediment traps?
(p343) YES
28. Max length for appliance fuel connections, how long is it?
(G2422 p344) 3’ except for range and clothes dryer which shall not exceed 6’.
29. Chimneys, 3-2-10 rule.
(p347) chimneys shall extend at least 3’ above the highest point where it passes through a roof of a building and at least 2’ higher than any portion of a building within a horizontal distance of 10’.
30. What are the 2 tests required for supply lines?
Visual & Pressure tests, G2417.1 pg 341
31. Bring water supply line in house, how deep should it be?
(p375) at least 6” below frost line, 48”
32. Every plumbing fixture does not have to have a sewer line trap?
P380/421 False
33. Stand pipes extend max ____” tall, and min __” (washing machine)?
(p380) min 18”, max 42”
34. All sinks and tubs required to have overflow protection? (t/f)
(p382) False
35. Are water heaters required to have a protective pan under them?
(p2801 p385) Yes, a galvanized steel pan having a min thickness of 24 gauge.
36. Pressure relief valve water heater temp?
(p2803 p385) The valve shall be set to open at a max temp of 210º F.
37. Cleanouts for sewage pipes must be accessible within __”
(p3005, p406) 18” (on 3” and larger pipes) and 12” (on smaller pipes)
38 All branches a sweep (sewage) system must be vented for proper flow of water? T or F
t or f????
39. Electrical, min size service?
(p425) 36” deep, 30” wide, 6’6” tall.
40. Service panel, max height off floor?
(p425) 6’6”
41. What’s the smallest gauge wire we can legally use on a house? Smallest branch conductor…
14 awg
42. Smallest allowable wire for 240 v circuit?
43. How many grounding rods do we need for an electrical service panel?
44. On electrical ground rod, can it be copper, aluminum or both?
(p437) Both
45. Branch circuit use 14g copper wire protected by what amp breaker?
(p442) 15 amp
46. Can you put electrical receptacles in floor?
(p455) Yes
47. Switches located so someone never moves in darkness? (t/f)
48. Receptacles shall be positioned so we are never further than 6’ from outlet?
(p455) True
49. Pools must be enclosed by a __ (height) fence?
(ag105, p551) 48”
50. Pools doors must have alarms?
(ag105, p552) YES