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the notion that companies are encouraged to hire members of underrepresented groups over members of majority groups when all things are equal
affirmative action
negative reaction to the gaining of power and influence by members of perviously underrepresented groups, leading to fear, resentment, and reverse discrimination
making incorrect causal attributions, such as "she was asking for it" when referring to a young woman who is attacked while walking home after attending a friend's party.
blaming the victim
barring an individual from membership in an organization or from a job because of her membership in a particular group.
dealing with the collective mixture of differences and similarities along a given dimension
a tendency to regard one's own group, culture, or nation as superior to others, such as what sometimes occurs in a selective club, religous sect, or political organization.
consciously shunning or verbally or physically abusing an individual because of membership in a particular grou, such as individuals ganging up on a man because he's gay.
refers to how loosely or tightly integrated the society seems, the degree to which the people of the country prefer to act as individuals rather than members of groups
individualism vs. collectivism
refers to a culture's tendency to focus more on the future or the past, which includes economic success and values regarding savings and persistence.
long-term vs. short term orientation
a philosophy about how differences among individuals and organizations can be embraced rather than feared, encouraged rather than squelched
managing diversity
refers to the degree to which emphasis is placed on assertiveness, relationships, and quality of life.
masculinity vs. femininity
refers to the acceptance (or lack thereof) of unequal power distribution
power distance
unjustified negative attitude toward a person based on his or her membership in a particular group, such as not wanting to consider any college students for employment at your business because you believe they are all irresponsible, carefree partiers who will not be reliable workers
approaching a person in an unwanged, uninvited, intimate way, interfering with that person's productivity or advancement
sexual harassment
set of beliefs about a group that is applied universally to all members of that group, such as "all poor people are uneducated"
reflects the degree of threat felt when facing ambiguity and risk
uncertainty avoidance