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a means for managers to provide guidance, insight, and encouragement to their employees for improved work performance through frequent interactions
words or actions that denote concern or acceptance
supportive behaviors
words or actions that encourage problem solving/resolutions
initiating (problem-solving) behaviors
used to address personal or attitudinal problems rather than those related to an individual's ability (or lack thereof)
include probing, questioning, and discussing specific problems and possible solutions
directive methods
involves being a good listener and sounding board
nondirective approach
information that enables individuals or groups to compare actual performance with a given standard or expectation
demonstrating our commitment to improve and our dedication to do things right
asking for feedback
when giving specific work-related feedback, make sure it is based on fact rather than hearsay
focus your feedback on a specific behavior that the recipient can change or control, describing behavior rather than evaluating it
avoid moralizing or giving feedback that is judgemental or prescriptive
used to ensure that employees accept and act upon feedback positively for improved performance
giving feedback
it is important to demonstrate an openness to hearing the information and benefitting from it when doing this
receiving feedback