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What is the mission of the coast guard
to protect the public, the environment, and U.S. economic interests - in the nation's ports and waterways along the coast, on international waters, or in any maritime region as required to support national security
When was the coast guard created
August 1789
What was the original name of the coast guard and who created it
Revenue Cutter Service; Alexander Hamiliton
What two groups were combined to create the coast guard
Life Saving Service and Revenue Cutter Service
What are the traditions of that the coast guard holds up
-Promote safe and efficient maritime transportation
-Promote the collection of national revenues
-Promote measures to enhance national security
-promote preservation of life and property at sea
What department is in charge of the USCG
Department of Homeland Security
Who is the Commandant of the Coast Guard
Admiral Thomas H. Collins
Who is the Vice Commandant of the Coast Guard
Admiral Thomas J. Barrett
Who is the master chief petty officer of the coast guard
MCPOCG Franklin A. Welch
What are the districts in the Atlantic Area
1st District
5th district
7th district
8th district
9th district
what are the districts in the Pacific area
11th district
13th district
14th district
17th district
Where is the 1st district
Boston, MA
Where is the 5th district
Portsmouth, VA
Where is the Atlantic Area HQ
Portsmouth, VA
Where is the 7th district
Miami, FL
Where is the 8th district
New Orleans, LA
Where is the 9th district
Cleveland, OH
Where is the 11th district
Long Beach, CA
Where is the Pacific Area HQ
Long Beach, CA
where is the 13th district
Seattle, WA
Where is the 14th district
Honolulu, HI
Where is 17th district
Janeau, AK
What are the five strategic goals
-Maritime Safety
-Maritime Mobility
-Maritime Security
-National Defense
-Protection of Natural Resources
What is Maritime Safety
Maritime safety involves Search and Rescue operations, Marine Safety, Recreational Boater safety, and International ice patrol
What is maritime mobility
maintaining and building aids to navigation such as buoys and lighthouses, Ice breaking services, bridge administration and vessel traffic/waterways management
What is Maritime Security
the coast guard's law enforcement role such as Drug interdiction, alien migrant interdiction, living marine resource, law/treaty enforcement, and general maritime law enforcement
National defense
general defense, homeland security, and port and waterways security of the us peacetime and in wartime both in the us and overseas
Where is the coast guard academy
on the Thames River in New London, CT
How many does the uscga graduate each year
approx 175
Where do cadets take their summer cruise
USCG Barque Eagle
Where is the coast gurad OCS
New London, CT
how long is OCS
17 weeks
Where is coast gurad boot camp
Cape May, NJ