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What do red buoy's mak?
Mark the starboard side of the channel.
What do green Buoy's mark?
Mark the port side f the channel.
What is a cardinal Buoy?
Convey geographic relationship with hazards in quadrants of 90 degrees.
What is a lateral buoy?
aids placed to mark the the sides of a navigatable channel and the safe sides to pass obstructions.
WHat system does the northern hemisphere use?
IALA B system. IALA A is just about exactly the opposite.
Buoys with horizontal red and green bands mean what?
They mark junctions or bifurications. the color on top marks the preffered channel.
buoys with red and white vertical stripes? (sphereical)
Are safe water marks. can be used to mark the beggining of a channel.
buoys with horizontal red and black striping?
Mark an isolated danger. like a choal or a ship wreck.
Cardinal buoy half black (top) and half yellow?
pass to the north
Cardinal with yellow over black?
pass to the south
Cardinal banded yellow black yellow?
pass to the west
Cardinal buoy banded black yellow black?
pass to the east
A can shape marks what?
port hand of channel.
cone shape marks what?
starboard hand of channel.
how are junction buoys shaped?
cone or can depending on preffered channel.
what shape is a safe water mark?
Isolated danger marks are what shape?
two spheres one above the other.
specail perpose mark can be what shape?
any shape the can't be confused with other marks.
north cardinal mark shape is what?
two triangle pointing up
Cardinal south mark is what shape?
two triangles pointing down
cardinal east mark is what shape?
two triangle placed base to base
cardinl west mark is what shape?
two triangles placed point to point. " wine glass west"
What sound signal is used to mark channels?
bells and gongs
bells mark what sid eo f the channel?
gongs mark what side of the channel?