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Where is fibrinogen found?
in alpha granules of platelets
Which clotting factor is not deficient in chronic liver disease?
Factor VIII (made in liver, spleen, nodes, muscle and kidney)
What determines severity of hemophilia A and B?
amt of factor (severe<1%, mod1-5%, mild 5-50%)
Where is vWF made?
mostly in megakaryocytes and endothelium
Where is vWF found in plasma?
in alpha granules of platelets (along with fibrinogen)
What are the tests for vWF?
test antigen for presence, ristocetin for function, VIII:C to see how much VIII vWF is carrying
How is type II vW dz different from I and III?
qualitative defect and has discrepant lab values
Inheritance of Hemophilia C?
What determines severity of hemophilia C?
below 30% factor XI, level doesn't correlate w/severity
Which clotting factor is the first to go in liver dz or Kdef? Why?
seven! Short half life
How do you test for factor XIII def?
stability of clot in presence of urea
What does lupus anticoagulant target?
prothrombinase complex (factors 10, 5 and phospholipid)
Name the dz: recurrent thrombosis, fetal loss, thrombocytopenia
antiphospholipid syndrome
What happens to thrombin when it is bound to thrombomodulin?
can activate protein c and can no longer activate prothrombin
What is factor V leiden?
resistant to inactivation by APC
Thrombosis w/thrombocytopenia ddx?
DIC, TTP, HIT, antiphospholipid syndrome
What the hell is G20210A?
known genetic variant of prothrombin ass w/thrombosis
What is Virchow's Triad?
stasis, blood abnormality, blood vessel abnormality