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persons with a history of herat attack, storke, or pulmonary embolism are give what? why?
anticoagulatns to reduce their clotting tendencies
What is used for an immediate effect for heart attack, stroke, or pulmonary embolism? Why is it only used fro several days? What does this drug do specifically?What drug will they use once they are stabalized?
Heparin, because it MUST be given intravenously, acts by inhibiting the conversion of prothromin to thrombin, coumadin or sodium warfarin
What agent is needed to convert prothrombin to thrombin and what drug is given to inhibit this conversion?
Calcium ion, heparin
What is the anticoaggulant that binds up free calcium in the clotting cascade?
sodium citrate
What drug was initially used as a rat poison and how does this drug work?
sodium warfarin, acts by interfering with the liver's vitamin K dependent synthesis of prothrombin
What food will cause the vitamin K to be deficient? What is vitmain K used in?
eating spinach, vitamin K dependent synthesis of prothrombin the liver
What drug will block the formation of platelets?
acetyl salicylic acid (aspriN)
In the article about "Why is she so short of breath?" What caused her to be?
actyl salicylic acid caused a stomach ulcer so she was pooping black...bloody so losing bread=losing energy
What 3 things are given to patients to dissolve the products of fibrin and platelet aggregation?
streptokinase, tissue plasminogen activator, and urokinase
How do urokinase and streptokinase work? What condition would you not want to use them on? What condition would you want to use them on?
restores fluidity of blood in person with stroke, DO NOT use for aneurysm, you can use for stroke...thus, tPA for CVA!