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Used to determine if something is a "fixture". If the item is attached and has been adapted to the property it is most likely a fixture
Air Rights
The right to undisturbed use and control of the airspace over a parcel of land. maybe transfered seperately from the land. (changed with the "Air Commererce Act of 1926 and the Civil Aeronautics Act of 1938")
Anything that is incident to, attached to, or pertains to the land, but is not neccessarily part of it. Ordinairly transferred with land but some may be transferred separetly
Court-Ordered seizure of property belonging to a defendant in a lawsuit, so that it will be available to satisfy a judgement if the plaintiff wins. In the case of real property a lien is created
Base Line
In the rectangular Survey System (goverment system or section-township-and range system) a main-east west line from which township lines are established. Each principal meridian has one base-line associated with it
Bench Mark
A surveyor's mark at a known point of eleation on a stationary object, used as a reference point in calculating other elevations is a surveyd area; often a metal disk set into cement or a rock
Building Code
Regulations that set minimum standards for construction methods and materials
Conditional Use Permit or Special Use
A permit that allows a special use, such as a school, church, daycare or hospital to operate in a neighborhood where it would otherwise be prohibited by zoning
Economic Survey
A part of the land use planning process, in which the present and anticipated future economics needs of an area are analyzed
An item that used to be personal property but has been attached to or closely associated with real property in such a way that it has legally become part of the real property
Front Foot
A measurment of property for sale or evaluation, with each foot of frontage presumed to run the entire depth of the lot
A man made addition to real property such as house or landscapping
In legal sense, it is the solid surface of the earth, everything attached to it by nature or by man and anything on it or in it such as minerals and water; real property
Master Development Plan
A comprehensive long term plan of development for a community, which is implemented by zoning and other laws (comprehensive plan or general plan)
Metes and Bounds Description
A legal description that starts at an identifiable point of beginning, then describes the property's boundaries in terms of courses(compass directions) and distances, ultimatrly returning to the point of beginning
Mineral Rights
Rights to the minerals located beneath the surface of a piece of property - can be sold seperate from the land
Non-Conforming Use
A property use that does not conform to current zoning requirements, but is allowed because the property was being used in that way before the present zoning was enacted
Personal Property
Any property that is not real property; movable property not affixed to land (also called chattels or personality) transferred by "Bill of Sale"
A detailed survey map of a subdivision, recorded in the county where the lands is located. subdivided property is often called platted property
Point of Beginning
The starting point in a "Metes and Bounds" dewscription - a monument or a point described by reference to a monument