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Red nucleus
-fast pathway of pain=lateralspinothalamic
-slow pain is transmitted by spinoreticulothalamic tract
-spinoreticulothalamic tract has a lot of collateal synaptic connections in reticular fomation of brainstem
-spinoreticulothalamic tract stimulate the enitre cerebral cortex via the intralaminar nuclei of thalamus taking part in cortical arousal and emotional effect
Inferior colliculus
-mediates: pain and temperature fast!
receives info from pain and thermal receptors in skin.
1st order: located in the dorsal root ganglia. Give rise to fibres terminating in the dorsal horns of spinal cord

2nd order: located in the dorsal horns of the spinal cord
-give rise to fibres deussating in the spinal cord
-run in centralinternal lateral funiculus
-terminates in the VPL of thalamus

3rd order: VPL of thalamus
-runs in posterior limb of internal capsule
-terminates in the postcentral gyrus and posterior paracentral lobule
(primary somato sensory cortex)
Dorsal spinocerebellar tracts
mediates: unconscius joints and limb position and motor sense from the lower limb
receives info from joint receptors, muscle spindles golgi tendon
1st order: dorsal root ganglion
-terminates in the dorsal horn of spinal cord
2nd dorsal horns
decussate in white commisure of the spinal cord run in lateral funicle of the brainstem
entes cerebellum via supeior cerebellar peduncle
-terminates in the anterior lobe of cerebellum
Ventral spinothalamic tract
Mediates: consious joint and limb position discriminative touch
pressure and vibration sensation

receives inf. from: joint receptors, muscle spindles golgi tendon organs, touch reception

1st order: in dorsal root ganglia
-give rise to fasciculus gracilis from lowerlimb
-give rise fasciculus cuneating from upper limb
-terminates in gracile and cuneate nuclei in medulla oblangata

2nd order: in gracile & cuneate nucleus of M
-give rise to medial lemniscus
-medial lemniscus decussates in medulla obl. run via pons and midbrain
-the medial lemniscus terminates in the ventral posterolateral nucleus of thalamus.
3rd order: located in the VPL nucleus of thalamus runs via posterior limb of the internal capsule
-terminates in postcentral gyrus & posterior paracentral...
Lateral spinothalamic tract
-Included in auditory pathway
-receives info from lateral lemniscus
-projects to medial geniculate body via brachium of inf colliculus
Dorsal column medial lemniscus
Mediates: light touch
receives inf. from touch receptors in the skin.

1st order:located in the dorsal root ganglia > dorsal horns of spinal cord
2nd order: located in the dorsal horns of the spinal cord
-give rise to fibres decussating in the spinal cord
-run in contralateral ventral funiculus
-terminates in VPL nucleus of thalamus
3rd order: VPL of thalamus
-runs via posterior limb of internal capsule
-terminates in the postcentral gyrus & posteir paracentral lobule.
Exit trigeminal nerve
dorsal surface of pons forms superior part of the rhomboid fossa (floor of fourth ventricle)
stria medullares
separetes pons from medulla oblangata
sup. part contains
-median sulcus
-median eminence
-facial colliculus
-pyramid- uncrossed corticospinal tract
-pyramidal decussation
intercross > lateral corticospinal tract
does not intercross > anterior corticospinat tract in ant funiculus.
Medulla obl.
-inferior olivarynucleus
-belongs to extrapyramidal motor system
receives info from spinal cord and red nucleus
-sends to cerebellum via inferior cerebellar peduncle
Rhomboid fossa
-between middle cerebellar peduncle and pons
exit skull
V1 opthalmic-sup. orbital fissure
V2 maxillary- foramen rotundum
V3 mandibular- foramn ovale
Lateral lemniscus
Superior cerebrellar peduncles
Hypoglossal trigone
connects the pons to cerebellum
ant >post
Middle cerbellar peduncle
inferior part of rhomboid fossa
Exit abducent VI
Medial lemniscus
-info from muscles ,
-spinal lemniscus, info from skin receptor of temprature, pain, touch
-trigeminal lemniscus sensory info from face
-lateral lemniscus auditory info
White communicating rami
sup. colliculus