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CNS stimulants target this area of the brain
cerebral cortex
uses for caffeine
reduce drowsiness, analgesic synergy
side effects of caffeine
hyperacidity of the stomach, tachycardia, birth defects (greater if a pregnant woman drinks >600mg/day), diuretic, nervousness, insomnia, addiction
caffeine concentration in a 6oz. coffee
decaf: 2-5mg
caffeine concentration in a 6oz. tea
caffeine concentration in 12oz. colas
respiratory stimulants
uses for analeptic drugs
respiratory distress, any COPD, drowning, over dose, surgery (anesthesia)
Dopram (doxapram hydrochloride)
an analeptic drug
sympathomimetric (mimics sympathetic nervous system) & stimulates the cerebral cortex
effects of amphetamines
alert, awake, euphoria, appetite suppression
uses for amphetamines
ADD, narcolepsy, SHORT-TERM (< 8 weeks)exogenous obesity treatment
amphetamine sulfate
amphetamine drug
dextro-amphetamine sulfate
amphetamine drug
methylphenidate hydrochloride (Ritalin)
amphetamine drug
suppress appetite
side effects of anorexiants
nervousness, insomnia, addiction
phendimetrazine (Adphen)
an anorexiant drug