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what kind of fibers are in the glossopharyngeal nerve?
motor, sensory, parasympathetic
where do fibers of glossopharyngeal nerve go?
tongue and pharynx
where does CN IX send sensory branches?
posterior 1/3rd of tongue including vallate papillae, pharynx
what kinds of innervation does CN IX supply to posterior 1/3rd of tongue?
general sensation and taste
what muscles do the CN IX innervate?
stylopharyngeus = muscle of pharynx
what does the stylopharyngeus do?
assists in swallowing
where do the parasympathetic fibers of CN IX go?
1. preganglionic end in otic ganglion via V3
2. postganglionic supply parotid via V3
what would happen if the parasympathetic branches of CN IX were cut?
no saliva from parotid
what kinds of fibers does the vagus nerve, CN X carry?
motor, sensory, parasympathetic
what's the general distribution of the motor, sensory and parasympathetic fibers of the vagus nerve, CN X?
motor and sensory in head and neck
sensory and parasympathetic in thorax and abdomen supplying viscera

motor just in head/neck
sensory everywhere
parasympathetic just in thorax/abdomen
what's another name kumari gives for vagus or CN X?
wandering cranial nerve
what muscles does the vagus nerve innervate?
muscles of pharynx, larynx and soft palate - some exceptions
what actions do the motor innervation of vagus nerve help with?
swallowing, phonation, articulation of speech
what are the major sensory functions of the vagus nerve?
1. supplies mucous membrane of larynx
2. some taste sensation from epiglottic area
3. most sensory info from linings of thoracic and abdominal viscera
what do PREganglionic fibers of vagus supply?
parasympathetic ganglia on walls and viscera that have not been named yet
where do POSTganglionic fibers of vagus go?
supply heart, smooth muscles and secretory glands of thoracic and abdominal viscera
what kinds of fibers does the accessory nerve, or CN XI have?
just motor
what's the path of the accessory nerve or CN XI?
starts at upper cervical spinal cord
enters cranium through foramen magnum
joins "cranial accessory"
leaves cranium through jugular foramen
separates off from cranial accessory which then joins the vagus nerve
crosses roof of posterior triangle
what kind of fibers does the hypoglossal nerve carry?
just motor
what does the hypoglossal nerve do? CN XII
supplies tongue muscles with one exception
supplies styloglossus, genioglossus, hyoglossus
controls shape, movement of tongue
helps in mastication, speech, swallowing
what action are the genioglossus muscles responsible for? what action of tongue can hypoglossal nerve take credit for?
pointy tongue
each genioglossus contracts, pushing tongue out and pulling sides closer to midline
if a patient could not poke tongue out in middle, but it went to one side or other, what nerve would be affected?
hypoglossal - CN XII