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To perform your job well you need the following except..
a. Adequate sleep & rest
b. Regular excerise
c. To use drugs & alcohol
d. Good nutrition
To use drug and alcohol
Good hygiene for work involves the following except..
a. Bathing daily
b. Using a deodrant/antiperspirant
c. Brushing teeth after meals
d. Keeping fingernails long and polished
Keeping fingernails long and polished
You are getting ready for work. You should do the following except..
a. Press & mend your uniform
b. Wear your name badge or photo ID
c. Wear jewerly
d. Style hair so it is up and off the collar
Wear jewerly
When should you ask questions about your job description?
During the interview
Lying on an employee application is
When completing a job application you should do the following except..
a. Write neatly & clearly
b. Provide references
c. Give info @ employment gaps
d. Leave spaces blank
Leave spaces blank
Which of these qualities and traits do employers look for the most?
a. cooperation
b. courtesy
c. dependability
d. empathy
Empathy is
Seeing things from the other person's point of view
What should you wear to a job interview?
A simple dress or suit
Which behavior is poor during a job interview?
a. good eye contact
b. shaking hands
c. asking the interviewr questions
d. crossing your arms and legs
Crossing your arms and legs
Which response to an interview question is better?
a. "yes" or "no"
b. long answers
c. brief explanations
d. a written response
brief explanations
Which statement reflects a good work attitude?
a. It's not my fault
b. Please show me how this works
c. That's not my job
d. I did it yesterday. It's her turn
"Please show me how this works?
A co-worker tells you that a doctor and a nurse are dating. This is
Which is professional speech and language?
a. speaking clearly
b. using vulgar & abusive words
c. shouting
d. arguing
Speaking clearly
Which is not a courteous act?
a. saying please and thank you
b. expecting others to open doors for you
c. saying I'm sorry
d. complimenting others
Expecting others to open doors for you
You are on your meal break. which is false?
a. You can make person phone calls
b. Family members can meet you
c. You can take a few extra minutes if necessary
d. The nurse needs to know that you are off the unit
You can take a few extra minutes if necessary
You are planning your work. You should do the following except.
a. discuss priorities with the nurse
b. ask others if they need help
c. stay busy
d. plan care so that you can watch the person's TV
Plan care so that you can watch the person's TV
These statements are about stress. Which is false?
a. stress affects teh whole person
b. a stressor is an event that causes stress
c. All stress is unpleasant
d. stress is normal
All stress is unpleasant
Which does not help reduce stress?
a. excerise, rest, and sleep
b. blaming yourself
c. planning quiet time
d. having a sense of humor
Blaming yourself for things you did not do
Which is not harassment?
a. using touch to comfort a person
b. joking about a person's religion
c. asking for a sexual favor
d. imitating a person's disability
Using touch to comfort a person
A letter of resignation should include the following except.
a. your reason for leaving
b. the last day you will work
c. a thank you to the employer
d. what problems you had during your work
What problems you had during your work
You can lose your job for the following reasons except.
a. sharing the person's info with others
b. arriving at the agency after your shift begins
c. following the agency's dress code
d. usuing the agency's computer for your own use
Following the agencies dress code