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acute illness
A sudden illness from which a person is expected to recover
assisted living facility
Provides houseing, personal care, support services, health care, and social activities in a homelike setting
case management
A nursing care pattern; a case manager (RN) coordinates a person's care from admission through discharge and into the home setting
chronic illness
An ongoing illness, slow or gradual in onset, for which there is no known cure; the illness can be controlled and complications prevented
functional nursing
A nursing care pattern focusing on tasks and jobs; each nursing team member has certain tasks and jobs to do
health team
Staff members who work together to provide health care
A health care agency or program for persons who are dying
licensed practical nurse (LPN)
A nure who has completed a 1-year nursing program and has passed a licensing test; called licensed vocational nurse (LVN) in some states
license vocational nurse (LVN)
Licensed vocational nurse (LVN)
nursing assistant
A person who gives basic nursing care under the supervision of an RN or LPN?LVN
nursing team
The individuals who provide nursing care - RN, LPNs/LVNs, and nursing assistants
patient-focused care
A nursing care pattern; services are moved from departments to the bedside
primary nursing
A nursing care pattern; and RN is responsible for the person's total care
team nursing
A nursing care pattern; a team of nursing staff is led by an RN who decides the amount and kind of care each person needs
terminal illness
An illness or injury for which there is no reasonable expectation of recovery
The intentional mistreatment or harm of another person
Being responsible for one's actions and the actions of others who perform delegated tasks; answering questions about and explaining one's actions and the actions of others
Intentionally attempting or threatening to touch a person's body without the person's consent
Touching a person's body without his or her consent
civil law
Laws concerned with relationships between people
An act that violates a criminal law
Injuring a person's name and reputation by makeing false statements to a third person
To authorize another person to perform a task
criminal law
Laws concerned with offenses against the public and society in general
Knowledge of what is right conduct and wrong conduct
false imprisonment
Unlawful restraint or restriction of a person's freedom of movement
Saying or doing something to trick, fool, or deceive a person
invasion of privacy
Violating a person's right not to have his or her name, picture, or private affairs exposed or made public without giving consent
job description
A list of responsibilities and functions the agency expects you to perform
A rule of conduct made by a government body