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True or False
The following is a valid generalization:
Everyone brushes their teeth.
Key is the word everyone.
List at least 3 key words that tell you a statement is not a valid generalization.
Always, Everyone,No one, Never, Many, All
List two places to look for the author's purpose.
The last paragraph, the directions, the first paragraph.
What's one place to look for the genre or type of work you're reading?
The directions
What word is found within the word conclusion? What does this mean about answering questions that ask you to draw conclusions?
Clue: The answer you choose must be supported by the facts in the story.
What's the difference between making inferences and drawing conclusions?
When making inferences you do not have all the facts in the story. You must use what you know as well.
When looking to identify an opinion look for:
thoughts and feelings
Fiction is _______ and non-fiction is _____.
not true, true; or fake, not fake
Realistic fiction is:
Made up but the events and characters seem like they could have really happened.
What is Mrs. Pipich always telling you to do to answer a question that asks you to identify what happened first or last in the story?
Underline the answers in the story.